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You Won't Believe These AI Tools Are Free

We tested 150 free tools. These ones blew our minds.

🌟 Tool Spotlight

Effortlessly train large-scale AI models with Higgsfield

Train large AI models with up to trillions of parameters with this open-source machine learning framework.

Good For: Developers, data engineers, data scientists

🌅 Free Text-to-Image Tools

Illusion Diffusion: Craft mesmerizing Octavio Ocampo-esque visual illusions and intricate designs.

  • Use Cases: Optical art and illusions, QR codes, spirals

  • Good For: Artists, designers, creatives interested in visual art

Ideogram: Create vibrant text-based designs, logos, and illustrations.

  • Use Cases: Branding, textual art, graphical representations

  • Good for: Designers, artists, content creators

DALL-E 3: Spark imagination and produce high-quality visuals with advanced prompt interpretation.

  • Use Cases: Concept art, creative illustrations, surreal imagery, unconventional graphics for storytelling and design projects

  • Good For: Artists, designers, content creators

Google SGE: Transform your words into vivid, imaginative visuals.

  • Use Cases: Illustrations, artwork, storyboarding, concept art

  • Good For: Designers, artists, content creators

Playground AI: Powerfully bring AI artistry to life with extensive image creation features.

  • Use Cases: Advanced image creation, compositing, animation, and editing

  • Good For: Professional artists, animators, advanced designers

🎥 Free Video & Animation Tools

Luma Labs: Turn your phone videos into fully interactive, highly detailed 3D scenes — that can easily be shared or embedded anywhere.

  • Use Cases: Retail, real estate, travel, creative endeavors, reliving memories

  • Good for: Designers, real estate agents, content creators, artists

Google Earth Studio: Fine-tune movement speed and angles when zooming to or between locations.

  • Use Cases: Visual storytelling, geographical presentations, dynamic video creation

  • Good for: Filmmakers, video editors, travel bloggers, educators

Pika Labs: Animate and manipulate still images and visuals.

  • Use Cases: Videos, text-to-video or image-to-video animations

  • Good For: Designers, content creators, social media managers

Leiapix: Easily animate images with customizations for animation length, style, and more.

  • Use Cases: Image animation, creating dynamic visuals

  • Good for: Graphic designers, content creators, animators

Insta3d: Transform 2D images into immersive 3D scenes.

  • Use Cases: Image conversion, 3D visualizations

  • Good for: Graphic designers, 3D artists, content creators

Animated Drawings: Bring a drawing (or image of a real person) to life with whimsical charm.

  • Use Cases: Storytelling, presentation, animating digital art

  • Good for: Artists, illustrators, content creators, educators

Featured tools are sponsored.

⚡️ Free Upscaling Tools

Replicate (images): Restore and enhance images with a full suite of tools.

  • Use Cases: Image upscaling, restoration, de-noising, de-blurring, colorizing photos

  • Good For: Photographers, graphic designers, restoration artists

Upscayl (images): Batch upscale and refine with this open-source software.

  • Use Cases: Batch upscaling for various art styles, cartoons, and vector art

  • Good For: Artists, designers, graphic illustrators

CapCut (videos): Effortlessly enhance video resolution with CapCut’s Video Upscaler.

  • Use Cases: Video upscaling, enhancing video quality

  • Good For: Video editors, content creators

🔎 Free Productivity & Research Tools

Perplexity AI: Ask this interactive search assistant anything, and get concise, up-to-date, multi-sourced answers.

  • Use Cases: Research, quick information retrieval, article search, PDF explanations

  • Good for: Researchers, students, content creators, professionals seeking quick and accurate information

SciSpace: Find (and understand) any research topic or paper with simplified summaries, related papers, and more.

  • Use Cases: Research-based queries, academic study, science-related questions

  • Good for: Students, researchers, academics, anyone looking for science-backed answers

Google SGE: Get concise summaries and sources for your searches. Plus, ask follow-up questions and more.

  • Use Cases: Quick answers, information retrieval, AI-enhanced search

  • Good for: Content creators, researchers, educators

🎶 Free Music Tools

Suno AI: Instantly create songs (with instruments and vocals) based on a simple text prompt.

  • Use Cases: Music composition, creative experimentation, fun musical projects

  • Good for: Musicians, composers, content creators

MusicGen: Produce vocal-free music across an array of genres by quickly inputting a few desired qualities.

  • Use Cases: Music production, background scores, creative projects

  • Good for: Musicians, producers, content creators

TextFX: Write lyrics with the help of an artist with this tool designed by Google and Lupe Fiasco.

  • Use Cases: Lyric composition, songwriting

  • Good for: Songwriters, musicians, lyricists

🪐 Free Text-to-3D Tool

Genie by Luma Labs: Quickly convert text into full-blown 3D models.

  • Use Cases: Create 3D scenes, add captivating elements to videos

  • Good for: 3D artists, filmmakers, designers, creators

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