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💪 The ULTIMATE ChatGPT Tutorial 💪

Plus: 5 essential ChatGPT resources from Hubspot

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

We just finished creating an awesome resource that’s so helpful, we couldn’t wait until Thursday’s newsletter to share it with you!

The Ultimate ChatGPT Tutorial

ChatGPT proficiency is arguably the #1 skill to learn if you’re looking to make an impact in your career or business — which is why we’ve partnered with HubSpot to bring you the ultimate ChatGPT tutorial.

Our step-by-step video covers every ChatGPT feature:

  • Custom instructions

  • Voice

  • Vision

  • Web browsing

  • DALL-E 3

  • Code Interpreter

  • Plugins

  • Custom GPTs

  • GPT mentions within the past 12 months

  • And 3 hidden features you likely don’t use

PLUS, we’ve included a whole section on the latest prompting tips to maximize your outputs.

BONUS: If you’re talking about AI with friends and family who aren’t quite on the bandwagon yet, this is the perfect video to share with them.

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