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🔼 Level Up With These 10 Cool AI Tools

PLUS: Zapier's custom GPT killer + automate software testing to build faster

Did you hear? Claude 3 surpassed GPT-4 as the world’s top performing chatbot.

With a marginal win, GPT-5 right around the corner, & Perplexity completely denying it (ask it yourself 😂), we wouldn’t recommend kicking ChatGPT to the curb quite yet.

In This Issue:
  • 💥 Big News: Copilot, Zoom, Adobe, Airtable, & character.ai’s new features, your new pocket AI agent & 2 more

  •  Weekly Spotlight: automatically generate software tests based on real user sessions

  • 🔥 Hot Tools: Turn forms into conversations, create clones in 50+ languages, perfect your solopreneur marketing strategy,

  • 🌟 GPT of the Week: Drive innovation with game-changing ideas

  • 💡 Quick Tutorial: Automate tasks — without any coding with Zapier Central

💥 Big News

AI Happenings You Don’t Want To Miss

Zoom unveiled new AI-powered features, including post-call summaries, meeting time suggestions, flowchart & mind map creation, & more.

Microsoft made GPT-4 Turbo free for all Copilot users (toggle on ‘Creative’ or ‘Precise’ mode to access it) + check out these new Teams features.

character.ai introduced Character Voice, a suite of features that let’s your characters actually speak to you (+ stay tuned for more multimodal features).

Open Interpreter’s 01 Light — a personal pocket AI agent that allows you to remotely operate your computer via voice command — is now available for pre-order.

Adobe launched 20+ new generative and creative APIs + two new features: Custom Model for refining models with branded assets & Structure Reference for applying an existing image’s structure to a new image.

Grok will be available to all X Premium users this week.

Airtable introduced AI-generated summaries, categorization, & translation.

Qualcomm’s S5 & S3 Gen 3 sound platforms promise “almost 50x more AI power” for intelligent sound tuning, noise management, & more.

Weekly Spotlight

Generate E2E Tests Based On Real User Sessions

Supercharge your test suite with Checksum, which generates and maintains end-to-end software tests using AI & real user sessions from your web app.

Why Checksum?

  • Getting started is as easy as a simple JS snippet

  • Generate tests using Playwright and Cypress

  • Good for companies of all sizes — from series A+ startups to Fortune 500s

Ready to increase your test coverage, reduce flakiness, and save dozens of hours each week?

🔥 Hot Tools

10 Trending & Featured AI Tools

WorkHack: Turn your forms into great AI conversations**

MapEDU: Revolutionize curriculum mapping & assessment processess**

Vetted AI (free): Find the best products — without endless research**

Immersive Fox (freemium): Create realistic face & voice clones in 50+ languages**

FounderPal: Get a perfect marketing strategy for your one-person business**

Sider AI: (freemium) Unlock unparalleled productivity with an all-in-one AI browser assistant (and 26k reviews in the Chrome store)

AI Suit Up: Get your best professional headshot yet

DataMotto (freemium): Effortlessly preprocess, cleanse, & enrich your data

Upscale.media (freemium): Enhance images with speed & precision

PoseTracker (freemium): Add real-time pose detection & motion tracking to your app


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🌟 GPT of The Week

Drive Innovation With Game-Changing Ideas

The Creative Thinker GPT disrupts conventional thinking patterns to help you uncover breakthrough innovations that transform your business.

By igniting lateral thinking, this GPT challenges your assumptions, helps you overcome mental blocks, and polishes your ideas — helping you discover solutions that otherwise may not be obvious.

Use Cases

  • Create new products/solutions that address customer needs in novel ways

  • Strengthen or reimagine a struggling product/service

  • Identify & mitigate risks

  • Open up new revenue/fundraising avenues

  • Reduce time & resources by finding simpler or more cost-effective solutions

  • Discover ways to set your company apart from competitors

  • Develop a plan to stay ahead of changing market demands

  • Boost efficiency by determining how to smartly integrate AI tools into your operations

How To Use It

Simply explain your challenge or scenario to the GPT and ask it questions like:

  • How can I think differently about this problem?

  • What are unconventional ways to approach this?

  • What would be a creative solution here?

  • Can you suggest 1-2 lateral thinking techniques for this? (BONUS: Employ this technique in team meetings to foster an innovative, collaborative mindset & improve communication)

💡 Quick Tutorial

Automate Tasks — Without Any Coding

Teach bots to work across 6,000+ apps by chatting with in plain English.

By simplifying automation, Zapier’s new feature, Zapier Central, functions more like a teammate than a tool — and is more versatile than custom GPTs.

Use Cases

  • Query data: Get instant, up-to-date answers about customer sentiment, order volume, untapped leads, and more

  • Follow-up: Remind teams about deadlines, customers about invoices, or leads about offers (it can even stick to a script)

  • Draft responses: Let it recommend replies in your style for emails, customer support messages, and more

  • Post content: Connect to Wordpress to post blogs, LinkedIn to create posts, and more

  • Automate tasks updates: Send tasks in Slack messages to your preferred to-do list app, notify team members via Slack when new tasks are assigned to them

  • Get updates: Receive real-time notifications in your email or for social media mentions, comments, and more

How To Use It

Step 1: Select ‘+ New Bot’ to create a new workflow.

Step 2: Select ‘Add datasource’ to add a document you wish to utilize in the workflow.

Currently while in beta, it can only connect to Google Sheets, Google Docs, or Notion (but this will expand). You can add multiple datasources for enhanced automation capabilities.

For this example, let’s say you uploaded a spreadsheet.

Step 3: Select ‘Create behavior’ to provide the bot instructions for the task you want it to execute.

Instructions: Type in your step-by-step instructions in a structured format, separating every step by a comma for clarity.

Example: “When a new row is added to the “Lead Tracker” sheet in my Google spreadsheet, retrieve the lead information from the new row (including name, email, and company), create a new task in [your project management tool (e.g., Asana)] with the lead details populated, send a personalized email to the new lead introducing the company and offering to schedule a call, and update the “Lead Status” column in the Google Sheet to “contacted”.

Trigger: A trigger is an event that initiates the workflow. In our example, the trigger is “When a new row is added to the “Lead Tracker” sheet in my Google Spreadsheet”.

  • Either select ‘Use’ to use a suggested triggers or add your own.

  • In the ‘Spreadsheet’ dropdown, select the spreadsheet you added in Step 2.

  • If your spreadsheet contains multiple sheets, specify the desired sheet in the ‘worksheet’ dropdown.

  • Select ‘Add trigger’.

Actions: Actions are the steps taken once the trigger has been initiated. In our example, the actions include retrieving information from the spreadsheet, creating a task in the project management tool, sending an email, and updating the spreadsheet.

  • Either use one or more of the suggested actions or create your own.

  • If you use a suggested action, you can either manually input instructions for each field or keep them as is, which will enables the AI to generate them for you.

  • Select ‘Add action’.

Step 4: Select ‘Test behavior’ (at the top), and it will update you on the steps it’s taken to complete the action.

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