Finally! The GPTStore is OPEN!

+ test landing pages in 30 seconds, how to 😀 swap in 2 clicks, & SO many robots

💥 Big News

AI Happenings You Don’t Want To Miss

OpenAI opens their GPTStore, so you can finalllly (we’ve been patient, we promise!) check out of a whole lot of custom GPTs.

Figure’s robot learns tasks by watching humans do it first + Stanford researcher’s Mobile ALOHA system teaches robots how to cook & clean — initiating what could become major developments in hospitality, healthcare, & more.

Microsoft AI & the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory used AI to identify a material that could reduce lithium battery usage by ~70%, a potentially game-changing solution for smartphones, solar panels, electric cars, & more.

Amazon unveiled new AI Alexa experiences, including chatbots with personas (e.g. Socrates or Elon Musk), a “20 Questions” game, & more. Plus, don’t dig through you car manual. Just ask Alexa thanks to a partnership with BMW. (Related: Intel’s auto chips.)

CaliExpress opened the world’s first fully robot-operated restaurant. Alongside AI taking orders, running food, & more, this could mean a solving of fast food’s labor shortage, “substantially improve[d] quality, consistency and speed”, and reduced waste.

NVIDIA released new chips for running AI on your home computer + Bedrock introduced Gal, a web-integrated, AI-augmented personal computer.

🌟 Weekly Spotlight

Create 10 viral shorts with 1 click using Spikes

Quickly create social content that stands out.

Spikes offers AI-powered editing tools, from automated captions to auto crop and zoom, ensuring your content not only looks professional but also resonates with your audience.

Fast, user-friendly, and trusted by over 100,000 creators with a whopping 2 million transformed videos.

🔥 Hot Tools

8 New & Trending AI Tools

Oh, and in case you missed it last week, tools now include whether they’re free, paid, or freemium (free & paid options).

Stunning (paid): Build landing pages in 30 seconds + automatically generate social posts**

Cline (freemium): Get better conversion rates with A/B split testing

Dr. Snooze (paid): Improve your sleep

items (freemium): Use these AI-generated design assets however you want

UserWise (freemium): Collect & optimize feedback to enhance customer satisfaction & make data-driven decisions

Bluedot (freemium): Automate & customize Google Meet notes (with privacy)

Offline Chat (paid): Engage in private conversations when offline (freemium): Improve your sales techniques with personalized coaching & strategy guidance


We get it - theres lots of AI tools. Easily track your top picks by saving them to your ‘favorites’ — which you can now find in your profile.

🤝 Want more customers for your AI tool, agency, course or consultancy?

💡 Quick Tutorial

Easily Face Swap Midjourney Images

InsightFace’s ability to face swap has blown us away with it’s ability to match expressions, angles, lighting, & styles.

Use Cases

  • Make your own stock photos

  • Create consistent characters

  • Enhance a virtual try-on experience

  • Personalize product demos

  • Face swap yourself or celebrities for fun (e.g. alter your family photos or customize virtual greeting cards)


Create your own face swap by following the steps below or watching our full video.

  1. Create your own Discord server (we recommend this for anyone using Midjourney)

    • Click the ‘+’ button in the bottom left of Discord

    • Select ‘Create My Own’

    • Select ‘For me and my friends’

    • Name your server & click ‘Create’

  2. Invite the Midjourney Bot to your server

    • Click on the ‘Midjourney Bot’ on the right-side panel

    • Click ‘Add to Server’

    • From the ‘Add to Server’ dropdown menu, select your server

    • Click ‘Continue’ then ‘Authorize’

  3. Invite Insight Face Swap Bot to your server

    • Click on this link (or send the link as a message to your server)

    • From the ‘Add to Server’ dropdown menu, select your server

    • Click ‘Continue’ then ‘Authorize’

  4. Upload the face you want to swap

    • Use the command: /saveid & hit enter

    • Drag and drop the face you want to save (ideally high-quality, forward-facing, & with no hair or glasses covering the face)

    • Type a name & hit enter

  5. Find an image to swap your uploaded face with

    • Type your prompt (we used “photo of a man, portrait”)

    • Select U1, U2, U3, or U4 to upscale the option you like

  6. Swap the faces

    • Right click on the image

    • Hover over ‘Apps’

    • Select ‘INSwapper’

Voila! In seconds, you have your brand new face-swapped images.

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😂 AI Fun

What exactly are they looking at?

Credit: @IwriteOK

Amongst so many extraordinary, cutting-edge AI developments at the biggest tech conference in the world, something feels… slightly off.

“Welcome to CES 2024, where all the art is AI generated pictures of people whose eyes are both looking in slightly different directions”


See a few more off-kilter images here.

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We’re Curious…

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With AI-integrated robots on the rise, these might not be too far off 🤔

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