8 Up-Leveling AI Tools This Week 🙌

Plus: 2 HUGE leaps in AI + tons of creator goodies 😍

Get your snacks now… because this is a long — but really, really good — one bursting with fresh releases (🚨 ALERT to creators 🚨) and up-leveling opportunities.

In This Issue:
  • 💥 Big News: Two HUGE advancements, a worldwide Copilot, wearable AI, & tons of releases for all you creatives out there

  •  Weekly Spotlight: Summarize anything, forget nothing

  • 🔥 Hot Tools: Learn (& play with) ML techniques, add motion to images, compare LLM outputs in one place, & 5 more

  • 🤑 Deal of the Week: Learn no-code & AI skills in 100 days

  • 🤝 Can’t-Miss Conference: Connect IRL with the brightest minds in AI

  • 💡 Quick Tutorial: Achieve your goals with personalized, step-by-step guidance

💥 Big News

AI Happenings You Don’t Want To Miss

NVIDIA unveiled the world’s most powerful set of AI chips: Blackwell B200 GPU & GB200, which boost model performance by 30x faster & slash the costs & energy of running AI models by 25x compared to prior chips — marking a major leap in AI technology (+ they announced Project GROOT)

Grok’s transition to open source positions it as most extensive open-source model (surpassing its closest competitor, Meta’s Llama 2, by 4x) — a move that’s bound to accelerate AI innovation.

Microsoft released Copilot Pro worldwide (download the iOS or Android Copilot app for a 1-month free trial) & added the Suno plugin — allowing you to create full songs using a text prompt.

Google’s new VLOGGER creates lifelike avatars with your voice from just a photo & short audio clip.

mnd released Tap, a wearable, Siri-like AI device for hands-free assistance.

Stability AI introduced Stable Video 3D, enabling you to create a 3D video from a single image.

Roblox’s new AI tools instantly convert 3D models into animated avatars & alter objects’ textures via text prompts — reducing days of work into mere minutes… or even seconds.

Google Play Store added a bunch of features that will benefit developers & users alike, including AI-powered FAQs.

YouTube will require creators to label realistic-looking videos made with AI, starting Monday.

Weekly Spotlight

Summarize Anything, Forget Nothing

Transform the way you visualize and retrieve knowledge with Recall, an AI tool that lets you quickly summarize and save anything into a personal knowledge base.

It not only neatly categorizes your summaries but smartly links them with your related content — turning your collection of summaries into coherent, connected insights and surfacing relevant ideas just when you need them. 🧠🔗

What sets Recall apart:

  • Organizes summaries into a knowledge graph, connecting new information with your saved content

  • Evolves with each addition, enhancing the discoverability & relevance of your knowledge base

  • Shows information as an interconnected web, uncovering connections between different ideas

🔥 Hot Tools

8 New & Trending AI Tools

Keep track of your stack by saving them to ‘Favorites’ in your Futurepedia.io profile.

Synaptiq: Mushrooms, goats, & machine learning! Read Dr. Tim Oates’ new book in Python (& play with ML techniques for FREE)**

getimg.ai (freemium): Add motion to your creations with image-to-video**

Pipio Video Dubbing: Match a speaker’s lip movement to a new language

Dreamspace (freemium): Enhance outputs by comparing multiple LLMs’ results & chaining them together

UNUM (freemium): Grow online with a social media marketing team in your pocket

Martin: Get proactive help from your own ‘AI butler’

ModboX (free): Unlock your businesses’ value with a personalized value prop, personas, product ideas, & action plan

Krea (freemium): Transform ideas into art in real time — no artistic skills required


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🤑 Deal of The Week

Learn No-Code & AI Skills in 100 Days

Level up your AI skills with the 100DaysOfAI challenge. It’s free, fun, & effective! ⚡️

  • 30-minute, bite-sized lessons

  • Delivered straight to your inbox, every day

  • Starts April 1st, 2024

Get your AI tool, agency, course, conference or consultancy in front of 200k+ AI enthusiasts 🤝

🤝 Can’t-Miss Conference

We’re going! Meet us March 27-28, 2024 in Las Vegas, NV at the IMAGINE AI Live ‘24 Conference for a rare opportunity to:

  • connect IRL with and the brightest minds in AI

  • learn more in two days than most will in two years

You’ll be hard-pressed to find more value from a single event!

💡 Quick Tutorial

Achieve Your Goals With Personalized, Step-By-Step Guidance

The GROW coaching model facilitates personal and professional development by serving as a roadmap for goal attainment — delving into challenges, opportunities, and actionable steps.

But you don’t have to hire a coach to get these valuable insights… just ask ChatGPT (or any other major LLM)!

The Prompt

My aspiration is to [insert your specific goal/s]. However, I acknowledge the hurdles in my path, including [insert your challenges]. Use the GROW coaching model to provide me a comprehensive personal development plan.

Goal: What specific, measurable objectives do I intend to achieve? Please consider both short-term milestones and the ultimate long-term goal.

Reality: What is my current situation in relation to these goals? Highlight my strengths, weaknesses, and any external factors influencing my journey.

Options: Can you propose a variety of strategies or actions that could steer me towards my goals? Feel free to think creatively and suggest multiple alternatives.

Will: What steps will I commit to initially? Help me prioritize these actions, provide step-by-step details for each step, and offer suggestions on how I might overcome potential obstacles.

Example Response

Let’s say your aspiration is to enhance your public speaking skills, with the ultimate ambition of delivering a keynote speech at an industry conference within the next year.

And your challenges include anxiety when addressing large audiences, time constraints, & lack of opportunities to speak in front of an audience

Your personalized guidance might look like:


  • Within 1 month, complete a public speaking online course

  • Within 3 months, participate in at least 3 small speaking engagements (e.g. local meetups, company presentations)

  • Within 6 months, receive positive feedback on your speaking skills from peers or mentors in at least 70% of engagements


Currently, you’re comfortable speaking in small groups, and you have a strong command of your subject matter — which is a significant strength. Your main challenges are time and lack of opportunities.


  • Start a vlog or book virtual speaking engagements to build confidence sharing your expertise with an online audience

  • Join Toastmasters to gain regular practice opportunities and constructive feedback from a supportive community


  • Step 1: Enroll in a public speaking course within the next 2 weeks

  • Step 2: Join a local Toastmasters within 1 month to get regular practice

  • Step 3: Schedule a low-stakes speaking opportunity, such as a local community event, that’s happening within the next 3 months

  • Overcome obstacles: To manage anxiety, incorporate 10 minutes of mindfulness or deep breathing exercises into your daily routine. For time constraints, determine and remove or reduce less critical tasks in order to prioritize speaking practice and activities.