Cool AI Tools of the Week #39

PLUS: 4 Ways to Use AI for Customer Support

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Weekly News Rundown

Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, stated that Google's AI needed further development before integration into products. Pichai emphasized that although Google is making strides towards becoming an "AI-first company," they are being deliberate in their approach, focusing on long-term impact rather than immediate competition with products like ChatGPT.

Eight more major tech firms, including Adobe, IBM, and Nvidia, have voluntarily committed to President Biden's AI guidelines to ensure responsible use of the technology, which includes measures like watermarking content generated by AI tools.

Coca-Cola has introduced a new flavor called Y3000 Zero Sugar, which is described as the first futuristic flavor co-created with both human and AI input. The brand used consumer preferences and AI to develop the taste profile and packaging.

Together with uizard

The world's easiest-to-use design and ideation tool - powered by AI

the autodesigner feature by uizard

The autodesigner feature is truly mind blowing. Prompt it well and it will give you an incredible jumpstart to producing the mocks you need.

Enter your design idea in plain English, specify a theme, and watch as autodesigner creates an Al-generated Ul, Al-generated images, placeholder text, and interactive components giving you a bespoke, unique design in a matter of seconds. Then simply use their intuitive drag and drop editor to fine tune your work.

This Week

Top AI Tools

📚 MyLessonPal: Makes creating classroom resources more efficient.

👾 ChartPixel: Effortlessly turns raw data into insightful and visually appealing charts.

👍 (featured): Effortlessly prep for 1-on-1 meetings. Magically distill your public Slack or Signal channels into everything you need to know.

🏆 Summit: AI-powered life coach that helps you achieve your goals.

🖼️ RoxyBit: Use AI to create NFTs in a single interface.

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🤖 AI Use Cases Tutorial

4 Ways to Use AI in Customer Support

AI will make a difference in many industries and job types – see later in this email. But one of those areas it will likely have a massive impact in, is customer support. Here are 4 ways in which you can use AI today to transform your customer support.

1. Personalized responses

Using AI, you can analyze customer data to understand preferences and behavior, allowing you to send them personalized responses – without having to do anything manually.

💻 A great tool to use to set this up is → SiteSpeakAI

2. Real-time responses

AI can process incoming customer inquiries instantly, allowing businesses to provide real-time responses without human intervention. This ensures customers receive timely assistance, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction.

💻 A great tool to use to set this up is → BotB9

3. Build your own chatbot

Businesses can use their data to build a custom chatbot powered by AI, enabling personalized and real-time responses without manual intervention. This allows you to do both of the previous things in one.

💻 A great tool to use to set this up is → Chatsimple

4. Automate incoming calls

Businesses can use AI to automate incoming calls, ensuring zero missed opportunities even during high call volumes. This allows them to efficiently handle multiple calls simultaneously, guaranteeing every customer inquiry is addressed promptly.

📞 A great tool to use to set this up is → echowin

New Insight

The Impact of AI in Different Industries

As part of its most recent AI market report, McKinsey conducted research on the impact generative AI will have on different business functions across various industries.

Source: McKinsey

➡️ It showed that AI will have an above-average impact in marketing, sales, and customer operations (spoiler alert! See our community poll results below). Particularly interesting is they expect impact will be very high on software engineering in high tech.

Human resources and corporate roles may not see much change. The report also found that R&D jobs in banking, healthcare, insurance, and media and entertainment will have minimal impact from AI.

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Last time we asked you “What business areas do you think could benefit most from implementing AI?” and here are the results from 127 responses:

Futurepedia members suggest Marketing would benefit most from AI implementation

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