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PLUS: The biggest AI update of 2023

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ChatGPT’s biggest update of the year:

The concept of "GPTs" has been introduced, which are customizable versions of ChatGPT that users can tailor for more helpful interactions in daily life, work, or at home. They’ve created a handful of examples for tasks like learning the rules to board games, teaching math, or designing stickers​​​​.

Plus and Enterprise users can now start creating their own GPTs. They are miniature no code applications that users can train to do something specific through a combination of instructions (prompts/requirements), knowledge (PDFs/Excel), and actions (third-party APIs).

In the early spirit of Christmas, I created one called Santa Chat that simulates a conversation parents can have with Santa about all the good or not so good a child has been up to recently so the child can feel connected to Santa. (here’s my first conversation).

Additionally, OpenAI plans to launch a GPT Store later this month, which will allow people to feature and monetize their custom GPTs​​.

ChatGPT has begun rolling out new voice and image capabilities, offering a more intuitive type of interface that allows for voice conversations or the ability to show ChatGPT images to enhance interactions.

Our Take: The ease of use to create, edit and share GPTs is extraordinary. With an app store for these GPTs on the horizon, why wouldn’t they eventually compete in the mobile phones market? Apple is smart, but traversing the AI realm very discretely. There’s potential OpenAI could be an Apple and Google killer.

Elon Demo’s (aka Grok). 7 ways it’s different:

  • Can have multiple jobs running at the same time.

  • Designed for wit and humor in responses.

  • Real-time knowledge access via the x platform (aka new twitter).

  • Embraces sarcasm and loves humor.

  • Competitive benchmark performance.

  • Plans for multimodal capabilities and strives to remove biases.

  • Only available to X Premium members (at this time).

🌟 Tool Spotlight 🌟 

Presentations Have Never Been Easier

Gamma helps you create beautiful presentations using AI.

  • AI text, visuals, and images all in one platform

  • Mobile-friendly and interactive, by default

  • Beautiful, multimedia-rich content

💲Deal of the Week

NeuronWriter (88% off!)

NeuronWriter helps you rank high on Google.

  • Al content writing with 20+ templates (GPT engines & ChatGPT)

  • Competitor SERP analysis

  • Advanced content outline based on competition and user intent

  • Internal link suggestions

  • Easy to follow checklist

  • NLP content optimization

  • Plus more features…

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🔥 Trending Tools

Xembly is an AI Chief of Staff that saves workers 8 hours every week by automating office chores such as scheduling, note-taking, and managing tasks.(featured) personalized AI videos helped brands like Cadbury, Pepsi & Samsung increase their engagement rates and conversions across channels. (featured)

Autoclipr creates vertical clips from long form YouTube videos and can schedule them to TikTok, Instagram and YouTube Shorts.

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🤓 Editor’s Picks

Humata is a great tool, period. It is what we would call a “document chat system”. It has an ask all feature which allows you to interact with all files uploaded.

We know what you’re thinking, so here’s 5 ways it’s different than ChatGPT:

  1. The use case is for mid to large teams that have particularly sensitive information in their documents. For example, lawyers, governments, etc.

  2. Documents are secured on a private cloud, instantly encrypted when uploaded, and eligible for role-based permissions.

  3. Each uploaded document is auto summarized. You’re given sample relevant questions. This gives the user a starting point for how to interact with the document.

  4. Document chat history is saved per document. You can group documents so that not all are included. You can "ask" a folder of documents.

  5. Creating multiple chats per document, with saved history makes it a convenient repository of context.

The $10/mo Expert plan offers a 500 pages a month (Not files) with $.01 per page.

A nitpick, but it'd be nice if Humata showed some extra stuff on the dashboard. Like how many pages you have left instead of having to go into the Settings menu.

All around a great professional tool to check out for chatting with documents, especially if for teams.

Looka gives you get a bird's eye view of how your company's brand could look.

Create a myriad of logos based on your preferences. You can customize options for logos to meet your style. Take that logo and create a brand. It shows all the different ways the logo and brand design could look on a variety of assets. Seeing is believing.

There are tons of different photo-realistic previews for your brand kit. Plus, there’s loads (300+) of industry specific templates to tailor your brand's identity.

You get full ownership with a one-time purchase or yearly plan. On the flip side of how good the app can be… sometimes manual customizations are required. The AI doesn’t always compete with the output of a seasoned designer, but there’s a ton of value in having a strong jumping off point which could then be polished by an expert.

The tool is perfect for companies or entrepreneurs needing a variety of designs to pick from for their business or venture. They may have the vision but find it difficult to communicate it creatively, so this is where Looka excels.

These picks are not ads. The Futurepedia editorial team recently tested these tools and/or found them impressive. Which tool should we try next? Reply and let us know.

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Last week we asked “Have you explained AI to your parents?” And shockingly, the majority of you have (and they get it!). I certainly failed when I tried to explain crypto, so we’re booking this as a win!

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