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Enterprise Round Up

OpenAI has released DALL-E 3, an updated version of its AI art generator. DALL-E 3 focuses on safety measures to prevent the generation of inappropriate or offensive images. OpenAI collaborated with external testers and implemented input classifiers to filter out explicit or violent prompts. Bottom line: the quality of output simply got a lot better.

At last week’s Meta Connect Event, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses. These glasses, equipped with Meta AI, allow hands-free interaction for calls, music, photos, videos, and live streaming. The reactions are mixed, with some concerned about privacy. Bottom line: we’re excited, and ordering some for ourselves.

Google is gaining ground in the competition to develop more intelligent voice assistants, revealing yesterday that it will begin to incorporate its Bard artificial intelligence chatbot into its well-liked voice assistant application on Android phones within the coming months. Bottom line: Saw that coming! I’m sure Apple will announce something similar any minute now…

🔥 Trending Tools

Trickle: Transform screenshots into searchable treasures with AI. (featured)

Inksprout Video: Simple AI tool for creating engaging social videos from blog content.

Glimpse: Conversation, writing, and editing assistant with internet access.

GPTConsole: Simplify the generation of web and mobile applications and enable web automation through prompts.

Albus: Helps create personalized content & designs in Slack.

Clevis: Effortlessly create AI applications without writing a single line of code.

These tools have been trending among Futurepedia users this past week

🤓 Editor’s Picks

Neuron Writer: is an SEO-tool to help marketers optimize their content and content strategy to rank higher on search engines. If you’re an SEO professional, you’ll find that it’s similar to SurferSEO, but we think it’s a more reasonable value for the price (and we found a deep discount here).

Grain: one of many AI meeting recorder tools on the market. We found the tool very simple and easy to setup. Similar tools have more bells and whistles, but if you like simple and easy, it’s worth a try, especially because you can record 20 meetings completely for free.

The Futurepedia editorial team recently tested these tools and found them impressive. Which tool should we try next? Reply and let us know.

Save More Time

Build and Publish A Website In 2 Minutes!

From one simple prompt, we got a clean and easily customizable website with intuitive visual editor for their business.

Our Take: The UX on this product is dialed. With so many customization options it has to be easy to use, with low learning curve. If you’ve ever published a Wordpress site, you should be impressed by the speed you can work. We found their dashboard to be a very helpful guide. But they offer live chat options for quick help and an in-house expert for hire if you’d prefer to delegate something. One feature we loved is that their text editors have AI built right in, so you can streamline publishing content or product/service descriptions without leaving the tool.

Why You Should Care: Despite the internet being almost 30 years old, it still seems like a daunting process for us to get a website published! is changing that. Especially if you’re a web designer, marketer, or entrepreneur this is a trend you may want to stay ahead of. If you’re wondering what it costs, they are running a promotion: $1/mo for your first 3 months.

🗣️ Shoutout

Congrats to our friends at (ChatGPT for your documents) for securing $3.5 million in funding from investors including Google’s Gradient Ventures, ARK invest and M13! We love their product and the security they provide on the files we upload. Cheers!


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