Cool AI Tools of the Week (#36)

PLUS: Meta boosts attack on OpenAI

Welcome back friends! Today is August 25th, 2023.

In today's issue:

  • BIG: Meta Expands Attack On OpenAI

  • Trending Tools On Futurepedia This Week

  • Key Insights: AI in Medical Care

  • Poll: What is your biggest concern about implementing AI tools in your work?

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⚔️ BIG: Meta Expands Attack On OpenAI

➡️ Meta is set to release a new open-source coding AI model called "Code Llama" to rival similar software from competitors like OpenAI and Google. According to inside sources, the model is based on the Llama language model and will provide code suggestions to developers in real-time as they type.

Although specific practical applications remain to be seen, this feature could potentially position the model as a strong contender in the competitive coding AI market. Meta has gained attention with its open-source approach, allowing broader access to its AI technologies, despite entering the consumer AI landscape later than some major players.

Meta's open-source strategy extends beyond coding AI. The company has released various AI tools, such as the Audiocraft AI model and the Voicebox AI deep fake generator, alongside its efforts to integrate AI into its social media platforms and broader product offerings.

🔥 Top Tools Of The Week

💰 Luminaries: Gain access to a wealth of real-world knowledge tailored to their unique needs and aspirations.

📷 Stockimg.AI (featured) is an AI-driven image generation tool that simplifies the creation of logos, book covers, posters, and other designs.

🖼️ AI Portrait Generator: Transform ordinary selfies into stunning AI portraits.

📚 Product Buying Guides: Find comprehensive guides for various products or create new guides on-demand.

⌨️ Storia Textify: Replace the text in AI-generated images with text of your choice.

📈 HoopsAI: Personalized trading insights across various assets including stocks, currencies, commodities, and cryptocurrencies for retail investors.

🚑 AI in Medical Care: Data

A poll reported on my Medical Economics showed that:

  • 32% of respondents are somewhat or very comfortable with an AI-led appointment.

  • 84% prefer a medical professional for prescribing pain medication, compared to 13% who prefer AI.

  • 81% prefer a medical professional for diagnosing a rash in a sensitive area, compared to 15% who prefer AI.

  • 69% prefer a medical professional for managing diet, compared to 28% who prefer AI.

  • Only 14% of health care professionals surveyed use AI to diagnose, treat, or communicate with patients.

  • 66% of patients think AI will play a bigger role in personal health care five years from now than it does today.

  • 22% expect AI to be better than medical professionals at diagnosing medical problems.

  • 34% think AI will do better than medical professionals at treating patients without bias.

  • 33% of medical professionals believe AI will cause more harm than good over the next five years.


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