9 Tools to Absolutely Crush 2024

+ Apple's HUGE breakthrough, BIG salary boosts for the AI-savvy, & 100's of AI events

💥 Big News

AI Happenings You Don’t Want To Miss

Apple’s new flash memory technique is a huge breakthrough for using LLM’s on smartphones — requiring far less memory than current methods & expanding accessibility to resource-limited environments.

LG introduces a roaming AI robot ‘assistant’ that can remind you to take your meds, notify you if you left the AC on, watch your pet, hold conversations, & even understand your emotions.

Microsoft’s Copilot, now on Android and iOS, offers users free access to GPT-4 & DALL-E 3 — enabling text editing directly on websites, optimizing search results, & enhancing voice chat.

Midjourney, soon to start training on video models, expects to offer video generation within a few months — and possibly 3D generation, too.

Google now requires election advertisers to clearly disclose when ads contain ‘synthetic content that inauthentically depicts real or realistic-looking people or events’ (i.e.: AI-generated content).

🌟 Weekly Spotlight

Simplify Your Life With r1

Get ready to meet your new pocket companion. Launching on Jan 9th, Rabbit’s r1:

  • Understands your commands & executes them for you

  • Learns how you interact with apps & does it for you in the way you would

(Trust us, you’re gonna want to get in on this.)

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🔥 Hot Tools

8 Tools to Crush Your 2024 Goals

Let 2024 be the year you actually achieve your New Year’s Resolutions. We believe in you!… and these tools will help.

P.S. Tools now include pricing (free, freemium, or paid) thanks to a recommendation from a reader. Shoutout to, Abhishek!

b12 (freemium): Starting a business? Building your portfolio? Design your website in 60 seconds.**

Roam Around (free): Fill your year with adventure by getting interesting activity recommendations based on your travel dates.

ChefGPT (freemium): Simplify meal planning with tailored plans & recipe ideas based on the ingredients you have.

Soofy (freemium): Master a new language by getting personalized feedback on engaging activities like discussions, debates, & more.

Impakt (free): Get fit with workouts & fitness plans that are tailored to your goals & preferences.

Resume Worded (freemium): Get that job! Optimize your LinkedIn profile & tailor your resume for recruiters & job descriptions.

Find Your Next Book (free): Up your reading game & expand your mind with personalized recommendations from 1000’s of titles.

REimagine Home (free): New year, new space. Redesign any room in seconds.


🫠 There’s so many tools! Stay on top of them all by saving your favorites for free at futurepedia.io.

📍AI Events

Keep Your Finger On the AI Pulse

Want to be the first to hear about cutting-edge AI technologies? Learn more about AI trends and research? Exchange AI ideas and form collaborations?

Stay ahead of the curve by checking out one…or more!… of the many (virtual & in-person) AI conferences and expos happening all over the globe in 2024 & 2025.

💡 Quick Guide

We tested out Grok over the past few days. Like most tools, it’s always fun to dig in and get your hands dirty, Here’s what we learned.

Grok Pros & Cons


  • Varied Modes: Grok can run in two different modes - fun mode for humor and snarkiness and regular mode for more serious conversations.

  • Real-Time Aggregation: monitor breaking news, trending topics, event coverage in real time.

  • Mobile Access: as long as your X app is up to date, it’s accessible in the side menu.


  • Paid Subscription: To use Grok, you need to be a paid X Premium+ subscriber, which costs $16 per month or $168 per year.

  • Limited Availability: Currently, it is only available to users in the United States.

  • Early Testing: Grok is still in the early testing stages, which can affect its behavior, and it may provide factually incorrect information or miss context.

  • Privacy Concerns: There are privacy concerns as Grok might store your chats for debugging purposes, and users are advised to exercise caution when sharing conversations publicly.

  • Inconsistent Responses: The responses from Grok can vary greatly based on how questions are phrased. I asked it to find tweets by a specific person and several times it replied back with tweets from completely random and irrelevant accounts.

  • Poor Training: the model learns based on of all the information posted on X, which means it has license to millions of posts including all the ones full of misinformation and bad data.

In summary, the use case to prompt for real-time information is most appealing, especially if your work requires you to be immediately informed. For most of you, the cons simply outweigh the pros and it’s likely not worth recommending at this point.

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