9 Cool AI Tools This Week

Make 💰 with AI + Google, Amazon, Etsy, & TikTok's new features

💥 Big News

AI Happenings You Don’t Want To Miss

Google Chrome will soon get 3 AI-powered features: a writing assistant, themes to enhance personalization, & a tab organizer feat. smart groupings + Google Ads now uses Gemini for easier ad creation & better performance.

Nvidia’s new RTX Video HDR feature enhances video coloring & quality by converting SDR videos to HDR.

Amazon’s AI chatbot (in testing) allows you to ask specific questions about products.

Etsy’s new AI feature offers tailored gift ideas. (Too bad they missed the Christmas season!)

TikTok is trialing AI Song, which allows you to create your own music for your videos.

The National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource launches — supported by 11 US government agencies — to enhance AI accessibility & security. (Related: WHO’s AI healthcare guidelines for improving care & more while safeguarding practitioners & patients).

🎖️ GPT of the Week

Create Videos Within ChatGPT

invideo AI has launched the Video Maker custom GPT, which turns any idea or document into a captivating video.

Create engaging videos for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Shorts in minutes.

🔥 Hot Tools

9 New & Trending AI Tools

Keep track of your stack by saving them to ‘Favorites’ in your Futurepedia.io profile.

AI Client Finder (paid): Find potential clients’ accurate contact information**

Equals (paid): Auto-analyze & report on live data from your own sources, apps, & more

Sixty (free): Let AI clear your inbox, handle scheduling, & draft agendas + briefings

Photify AI (free): Transform your selfie into 100 captivating portraits

Dealight (paid): Refine your pitch deck & connect with viable investors

M1-Project (paid): Craft a winning marketing strategy

Aspen (free): Easily test & connect APIs — with automated code, specs, & more

izTalk (free): Break language barriers in real time

Composer (freemium): Build, backtest, & execute stock trading algorithms


🤝 Want more customers for your AI tool, agency, course or consultancy?

🤑 AI Side Hustles

Make $ with AI

The seemingly limitless AI tools that now exist means that there are also nearly limitless ways to make money using AI. Here’s a few ideas:

Sell products feat. your AI-made designs

Use an AI image generator or art generator to create a design. Create products (like t-shirts, art prints, mugs, and more) that feature your design using a print-on-demand service. Then sell your AI-designed products on an online marketplace.

NOTE: Protect yourself by not creating anything that resembles trademarked content and ensuring you can legally sell your AI creation.

Write & sell AI prompts

Learn to write effective prompts for specific use cases. Then sell your prompts on AI prompt marketplaces.

Build & monetize custom GPTs, apps, & chatbots

Learn to create your own custom GPT, or use a low-code/no-code AI tool like Zapt to create apps or Robofy to build chabots. Monetize by:

More ideas

NOTE: While there’s lots of awesome ways to make money with AI, we strongly suggest that you do thorough research before jumping into any of these endeavors to ensure you’re doing it legally and ethically.

Good luck out there!

😆 AI Fun

Sassy About SaaS… (& AI… & Everything Else)

Grumpy Chad is the virtual assistant that hates everything — except brightening up your day.

Our favorite responses from the cheery little bugger:

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