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PLUS: How to record one video then personalize them a million times

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📰 Enterprise Round Up

The new advertising package allows advertisers to serve ads across videos related to the chosen cultural moment on a branded YouTube channel with dynamically updated playlists.

OpenAI is getting ready for a big update that will attract third-party developers and startups with lower development costs. They are introducing a stateful API, which means they can keep conversations and improve speed and capabilities. The company expects this to help their tech expand beyond consumer applications.

Amazon is trying out a humanoid robot called Digit made by Agility in its warehouses. The testing is still in the early stages and it's not certain if the robot will actually be used. Amazon has already invested $1 billion in an 'Industrial Innovation' fund that includes Agility. Digit is designed to help with tasks in warehouses and work together with employees, starting with recycling totes. Amazon wants to make over 10,000 Digit robots each year at a factory in Oregon.

Microsoft, Google, and MIT collaborated with Project Gutenberg to create 5,000 open-license audiobooks, totaling about 35,000 hours of audio content. The audiobooks feature a surprisingly human-sounding synthesized AI voice, making classic literature, plays, and biographies accessible to a broader audience. The project aims to enhance literature accessibility for the visually impaired, young children, and language learners through audiobooks.

Today’s Sponsor: Facia

Biometric Authentication: No Cost Proof of Concept

The world’s fastest and most secure facial recognition and liveness detection vendor is offering a Zero Cost, Zero Commitment, Full Featured Proof of Concept.

Over 50 hours of engineering goes into customization of your mobile or web application. Live Chat, email, and telephone 24/7 support after implementation. Spaces are Limited.

Compatible with IOS and Android, RESTful API’s, completely integrated into your existing operations.

Customer Onboarding | Liveness Detection | Face Recognition (1:1 & 1:N) | Age Verification | Iris Detection | Fraud Prevention against 60+ Spoofing Attacks

Speed to value in replacing manual and outdated verification methods with 3D liveness detection and AI driven face recognition with unparalleled accuracy in under 1 second.

🔥 Trending Tools

Gan.ai: personalized AI videos helped brands like Cadbury, Pepsi & Samsung increase their engagement rates and conversions across channels. (featured)

Freeflo: Beautifully presented prompt library. Essential AI image style prompts for Midjourney

Boords: Fast video script and story layouts. Turn your ideas into storyboards in minutes, not hours.

Recall: Your summarized second brain. Summarize, categorize and review any online content

ViralKit: Customer contests made easy. AI powered contest tool that auto-generates contests, giveaways and sweepstakes.

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🤓 Editor’s Picks

VenturusAI: Instant feedback on your business ideas. Sometimes it’s hard to organize all your thoughts about a business venture.

If you agree, VenturusAI could be the jumpstart you’re looking for. We’ve been playing with it for our own business ideas internally. It's built on GPT4. Yet, it's not just a generic wrapped site.

Standard reports are free (and informative). And if you’d like other advanced reports, they’re available for a one time fee, or on a monthly plan. They have a ton of really unique sample reports to you to comb through, like this one about a sugar-free cereal venture in Germany.

Sessions: Hop into a meeting and leave the admin work to Sessions. An intriguing Zoom and Google Meet competitor with loads of practical features.

The free AI powered web-based (no downloads!) video conferencing site has collaborative integrations, built-in transcriptions, and hosted recordings.

We can’t help but wonder what their uptime is like compared to those bigger names in the space. But the vast amount of helpful built-in tools and features like a built-in AI agenda builder, AI landing page generator for webinars, and co-browsing make it worth considering.

Lunacy: Free desktop-based graphic design software with built-in assets and AI tools. If you used Figma, the app feels incredibly intuitive. Massive in-app library of UI kits, icons, and stock images connected to Icons8.

Fast and stable. Clean interface. Active development. AI tools include background remover, text generator, avatar generator, and image upscaler.

If you’re in need of a more stream-lined Figma & Canva-style, graphic design toolkit, it’d be lunacy not to try it 🥁😄

These picks are not ads. The Futurepedia editorial team recently tested these tools and/or found them impressive. Which tool should we try next? Reply and let us know.

👨‍🏫 Tutorial

GPT-4 Negotiation Trainer

“With a prompt, GPT-4 with voice does a pretty good job of acting as a negotiation simulator/instructor. It is not all the way there, but as someone who builds educational simulations, I can tell you this is already impressively far along towards an effective teaching tool.” - @emollick, a Wharton professor

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