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PLUS: 1000's of free AI style prompts to up your Midjourney game

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🌎️ Round Up

If you’re a graphic designer, digital artist and game developer you know, 3D content creation can be a time consuming endeavor. Yesterday, Stability AI announced Stable 3D, an automatic process to generate concept-quality textured 3D objects.

Get answers and inspirations from across the web, supports creativity and collaboration, and helps you focus on tasks. Programs like Clipchamp, Snipping Tool, and Paint are also getting AI upgrades.

For most of us, it’s fairly challenging to get AI chatbots to sound less bland or robotic. Grammarly’s new feature detects a user's writing style and lets them rewrite generated text in their own voice with one click.

By now you’ve used ChatGPT, Bard, Bing or Anthropic’s Claude, but how well can you explain how it works? This is a great resource to grasp the inner-workings and for you to share with your friends/family who may not be aboard the AI train yet.

💲Deal of the Week

Answerly (92% off!)

Answerly is an AI chatbot that learns your entire business and generates dynamic, human-like replies to customers 24/7.

  • Connect your AI chatbot to your website, documents and other sources to provide accurate and up-to-date support answers.

  • Automatically analyze your training data for knowledge gaps that you can fill in by entering short text answers.

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🔥 Trending Tools

Freeflo: Jumpstart AI image creation with 1000’s of curated and beautiful styles for Midjourney, Clipdrop, Firefly or DALL-E. (featured)

Google Cloud Speech to Text: Easy, cloud-based speech to text via Google for AI devs and consumers. Accurately convert voice to text in over 125 languages and variants by applying Google’s powerful machine learning models with an easy-to-use API.

Peasy Sales: AppSumo Lifetime Deal (⌛ expires in 5 days). Build no-code, multi-channel chatbots to automate conversations, lead generation, and sales.

Imagine: Text to image with AI Art Generator. 6 million users and a thriving community of 47,000+ on Discord.

Securiti: Data governance made easy with over 1,000+ integrations. Automate data access governance for sensitive data.

Genvid:  Create stunning product launch videos that look like they were created by a studio. Generate SaaS product launch videos with AI.

These tools have been trending among Futurepedia users this past week

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🤓 Editor’s Picks

 Cohesive: Seamlessly create, refine, edit, and publish your work with ease. We were initially skeptical of Cohesive. On paper, it’s just a bunch of tools wrapped up into one.

Text, voice, and image generation wrapped all into a beautiful easy-to-use tool.

However, it’s so easy to use for a few different reasons. For one, it has over 50+ templates for different content types.

Extra options are available for each content creation type

Also, Cohesive allows you to pull from info from the web to create posts using the most current research (you’re also able to exclude sites as well).

We kind of wish there was negative keyword options. So, if you find it’s including irrelevant content, you could nix it. But we guess that’s what excluding sites is for (although it can be a bit of a time sink).

There’s a free forever plan, which is somewhat unbelievable for what this app does. And the entry plan isn’t too bad either at $15/mo when paid annually (at the time of writing).

Cohesive is an all around great content creation tool. And if you’ve been finding yourself struggling with creative ChatGPT prompts, give Cohesive a try!

🐷 Piggy: Social story maker. Social media is still hot. And stories are one of the latest features added on almost every platform.

In a changing social media landscape where using the newest feature helps you stand out, Piggy is there to help.

Simply enter some short text to get started on a mobile story.

Getting started with Piggy

And then Piggy does the rest! It’s a mix between a generative powerpoint-style AI and Canva-esque design tool.

I will say, the onboarding seems a little odd. You first enter your prompt, get your email link to manage your first “piggy”, then you sign up for an account to edit it. BUT, it’s worth it for what Piggy can do.

We entered a prompt for “new ai tools to use” and we had a 7 slide story made for us with titles, descriptions, and placeholders for images. There’s also the option to edit text, add in GIFs, and more.

You can even make poll stories. Add in voice recordings. Add in shapes and buttons. Plus tons of other add-ins that we didn’t get to try out.

We were skeptical of the app at first and its editing capabilities, especially being in beta. But it proved to be a smooth and non-buggy experience.

Plus, the reviews across the web ring loud and clear that Piggy is onto something. We think Piggy will prove to be a great asset to any social media team. Especially at the price of $0 (at least for now).

These picks are not ads. The Futurepedia editorial team recently tested these tools and/or found them impressive. Which tool should we try next? Reply and let us know.

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