9 AI Tools to Level ⬆️ At Work

PLUS: 7 new AI feature drops + 5 learnings from IMAGINE AI 2024

The future is AI is looking bright… but so is the present. Take a look at our recap of last week’s IMAGINE AI conference to see what we mean.

In This Issue:
  • 💥 Big News: 3 ChatGPT updates, 4 Google upgrades, Grok 1.5’s upcoming release, & 4 more

  •  Weekly Spotlight: Quickly create production-ready apps with AI agents

  • 🔥 Hot Tools: Close more deals, create blogs from YouTube videos, make a custom GPT with all your biz’ content, & 6 more

  • 🌟 GPT of the Week: Unlock wider website reach & deeper engagement

  • 💡 Quick Recap: See what we learned at IMAGINE AI Live

💥 Big News

New AI Feature Drops from Big Tech

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is now accessible without an account, shows citations more prominently (in paid plans), & allows users to edit DALL-E-generated images — expanding accessibility, transparency, & user control.

Google introduced customized travel itineraries to Search, curated recommendations to Maps, & product voting for shoppers + is adding Circle to Search to older phones.

Microsoft 365’s Copilot now offers businesses GPT-4 Turbo access (with no daily limits) — enabling enhanced web queries & image generation.

Adobe updated Experience Cloud with AI-powered tools that help deliver personalized customer digital experiences across channels.

Microsoft Azure’s new safety features help customers build more secure apps & reduce hallucinations.

Amazon made Mistral Large available on Amazon Bedrock, giving customers access to “the most cutting-edge and advanced generative AI technologies”.

xAI is set to release Grok 1.5 to early testers & current Grok users within the coming days.

 Weekly Spotlight

Quickly Create Production-Ready Apps with AI Agents

Build any type of application in 90% less time and at a lower cost with GPT Console.

Trusted by more than 5000 developers around the world, GPTConsole’s intelligent command-line interface puts the power of versatile AI agents like Pixie, Bird, and Chip at your fingertips.

Ready to unlock a new era of productivity with just a few simple commands?

🔥 Hot Tools 

9 Trending & Featured AI Tools

Video To Blog: Create blogs from YouTube videos**

SalesCred Pro: Build credibility & close more deals**

CustomGPT.ai: Create a custom GPT with ALL your business content**

Fathom (free): Never take notes on a Zoom call again

Prototyper: Convert text & screenshots into functional UI code

Tavus: Make human-like videos from text

ZenMulti: 2x your revenue with multilingual product listings

Dealwise: Secure acquisition offers in record time

ScribeFlows (freemium): Chat with multiple documents & generate content


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🌟 GPT of The Week

Unlock Wider Website Reach & Deeper Engagement

Website accessibility is not only imperative for legal compliance but also fostering inclusivity, enhancing user experience, boosting SEO, elevating your business’ reputation, and expanding your audience reach.

While many of today’s AI website builders integrate accessibility features, if your site predates the AI era, we recommend that you leverage the Accessibility Advisor GPT.

What It Does

This GPT offers actionable (detailed!) advice for improving your website’s accessibility.

Its tips to help your site meet the highest standard of web accessibility, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AAA level, which have been set by the main international standards organization for the Internet, the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

How It Works

Despite not being able to access & analyze our site directly, it provided:

11 Common Consideration Areas

It identified areas where we could enhance how our content is shown and understood and how the site operates. A few examples it shared included:

  • presenting content in different formats

  • avoiding seizure-inducing content

  • ensuring compatibility with assistive technologies

9 Specific Actions to Take

It then went one step deeper by outlining steps we could take that included information we otherwise would have had to dig to find, such as:

  • WCAG’s recommended text contrast ratio

  • What to avoid to enable proper keyboard navigation

  • Using ARIA landmarks to assist screen reader navigation

For the few recommended actions that were a little bit more general, we simplify asked it to share more information. For example:

  • It recommended that our site had “readable fonts and sizing”, so we asked “What is considered a readable font?”. It responded by offering specific typeface categories, a minimum text size, recommended word and line spacing, and more

  • It also suggested that each piece of non-text content (e.g. images, videos, etc.) had Alt Text. When we asked “How do I edit the alt text of an image?”, it gave us step-by-step instructions for how to do so in CMS’ like Wordpress & Shopify, website builders like Wix & Squarespace, HTML, and even in social media platforms. It also shared how many characters the Alt Text should be and what content to put in ALT Text.

💡 Quick Recap

Our Top 5 Takeaways From IMAGINE AI Live

Last week, a couple of Futurepedia team members attended the IMAGINE AI LIVE conference, a 2-day event where a large range of attendees — from independent consultants to Fortune 100 creators — learned about and collaborated on the latest AI trends and advancements.

Kevin got interviewed by Brent Peus of Dash Media

Our Top 5 Takeaways

1. AI Agents

AI agents & creating teams of AI agents was a key theme… and definitely something to watch out for in the coming months.

Learn more about AI agents in our new Automation 101 Guide GPT (and reply to this newsletter with any thoughts or suggestions)!

2. AI Strategy

Implementing an AI strategy in your business will only become more and more crucial to stay competitive.

3. Unqualified “Experts”

Many consultants are already trying to drum up business — even if they don’t have expertise or a clear advantage. Beware!

4. Just The Beginning

We are still in the VERY early stages of AI…

5. Powerful Options Right Now

…but instead of (or at least alongside) looking at what will be possible in the future with AI, start putting to use the really powerful ways you can implement AI right now. There are so many real-life applications of how AI can be game-changing in not only business but everyday life.

An example that especially stood out to our team was Mind Studio, which allows you to automate all different aspects of your business by building AI-powered workflows with no code. With Mind Studio, you can string together multiple AI tools with various functions to perform specific tasks, fine-tuning them with your own datasets. And it works across diverse fields and organizational needs. They’ve already successfully implemented 20,000+ AI solutions across every major job function (sales, HR, marketing, finance, and more).

Some additional examples include:

  • Spinning up teams of AI agents to do work at scale

  • Building your own AI apps

  • Using LLMs to get advice in emergency situations… for example, a Groq presenter shared a story of when his son got stung by a lion fish while in another country, and he resorted to GroqChat for advice on what to do in that situation (and got reassured that everything would be okay).

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