8 🏆 Tools This Week

Plus: Which is better... GPT-4 or Gemini 1.0?

Is it just us, or does it feel like the development of new AI advancements is moving at super, super, SUPER-sonic speed these days?

In This Issue:
  • 💥 Big News: OpenAI’s game-changing video generator, Google’s two HUGE releases, & Adobe’s expansion

  • 🔥 Hot Tools: Edit videos faster, create courses in minutes, make your own personalized assistant, & 5 more

  • 🌟 GPT of the Week: Identify your target audience — and the content to satisfy them

  • 💡 Quick Guide: Which is better: ChatGPT-4 or Gemini Advanced?

💥 Big News

AI Happenings You Don’t Want To Miss

OpenAI upended the video generation game by unveiling Sora. It’s SO game-changing, we instantly created a video about it. Prepare to be mind-blown.

Groq (not not Grok, the AI chip company) unveiled its chatbot — which supposedly puts ChatGPT & Gemini to shame… or could help them become even better.

Google made Gemini Advanced available directly in Gmail, Sheets, Slides, & more (for Workspace subscribers only).

Google also introduced Gemma, a set of state-of-the-art open-source LLMs that run locally on your laptop, desktop, or smartphone — meaning you can create content and chatbots without internet connection.

Adobe extended its Firefly AI assistant feature to Acrobat & Reader, simplifying PDFs with summarizations, the ability to ask PDFs questions, citation suggestions, & more.

🔥 Hot Tools

8 New & Trending AI Tools

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Autocut (paid): Edit videos faster than ever before**

PromptInterface.ai (paid): Enhance workplace productivity & communication with personalized assistants**

White Label LMS by Coursebox (paid): Structure, write, & produce courses in minutes**

Intent (freemium): Identify leads’ interests & strength of intent by their browsing behavior

MagiScan (freemium): Turn anything into 3D with your smartphone

Flike (paid): Replicate your winning emails to automatically craft messages that convert

Business Portrait AI (paid): Generate a studio-class headshot from a selfie

Guide (free): Ready to take some PTO? Plan your vacation in seconds


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🌟 GPT of the Week

Identify Your Target Audience — And The Content To Satisfy Them

Not only does the SEO: Search Query Analyzer custom GPT help you identify your target audience, it offers detailed recommendations for how to provide the best resource for those audiences.

How It Works

Simply type in your target search query — aka a specific word or phrase people search that would lead them to your website (we tried ‘AI video tools’). Then the GPT will share:

What type of content top ranking sites for this term are providing

E.g.: Ranking URLs are:

  • a mix of recent & timeless content

  • are articles reviewing or listing different AI video tools available

  • provide insights into various AI video tools, highlighting their features, pros and cons, and pricing

Personas likely searching the term

E.g.: The likely audience includes beginners to intermediate users in video editing, content creators, marketers, & small- to medium-sized businesses looking for efficient ways to produce video content.

The personas’ intents

E.g.: The search intent seems to be informational, with users likely seeking to understand which tools are available, how they can benefit from using them, and which ones might best meet their needs.

Content suggestions to satisfy that persona

  • Comprehensive tool reviews: key features, ease of use, pricing, & use cases

  • Tool comparisons

  • Insights into user experience, customer support, community feedback, tutorials, & videos about the tools

More recommendations

  • How in-depth the content should be

  • Update frequency

  • Tips, e.g.: copy-paste your or competitors content into the GPT to have it analyze how well the content satisfies the search query & to get suggestions for improvement

💡 Quick Guide

Which Is Better: GPT-4 or Gemini 1.0?

Both ChatGPT-4 and Gemini 1.0 (aka Gemini Advanced) are extremely powerful, advanced LLMs.

Let’s compare each across 12 practical categories.



Gemini 1.0


Context Window

32,000-token context window but 132,000 with GPT-4 Turbo

32,000-token context window but 128,000 with Gemini 1.5 Pro


Usage Limits

Limits on how many chats per hour

No limits

Gemini 1.0


Offers more privacy

Not as good but we expect this will improve very soon


Web Search

Need to prompt to get up-to-date information; inconsistently offers links

Connection to Google offers real-time information; offers clickable links; direct YouTube access; can perform another Google search to double check a response

Gemini 1.0

Conversational Tone

Doesn’t always talk like a human unless you write a good prompt

Better at natural language without additional prompting

Gemini 1.0


Comprehensive breakdowns; verbose; may oversimplify responses

To-the-point summaries with easy-to-read formatting & easy options for shortening or expanding outputs

Gemini 1.0

Response Modification

Need to prompt to shorten or expand outputs

One-click options to shorten, expand, simplify, or rewrite to be more casual or more professional

Gemini 1.0

Content Creation

Maintains tone; meets character count requirements better; more creative

Easy-to-read formatting; especially excels at writing emails; includes spots to add CTAs

Gemini 1.0


Generates better images but still needs improvement; does well at describing images

Can’t process humans when describing or generating images; not great at photorealistic results



Can convert images into HTML & CSS; gives clear, step-by-step instructions; good at fixing errors

Can’t generate code based on images; does not perform well in coding overall


Personal Data Access

Only via advanced means like APIs, Zapier actions, or by creating your own custom GPT

Google Workspace extension allows you to pull in your own email & documents straight into Gemini


Special Capabilities

Access to a HUGE variety of custom GPTs helps you achieve specific goals

As of today, you can use Gemini directly in your Workspace apps (i.e. right inside Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Slides, & more)


The Results

GPT-4: Won 4/10

Gemini: Won 7/10

Ties: 2/10

While Gemini came out on top in this evaluation, in some categories, they won by a tiny fraction.

Ultimately, we say the capabilities of both are incredibly vast — making them both fantastic options. The one that’s right for you is more dependent on what you’re using the LLM for (e.g. ChatGPT-4 for coding vs. Gemini 1.0 for web search). Dealer’s choice.