8 ⚡️ AI Tools This Week

+ Meta & Microsoft's new models & 2 new resources 🎉

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We’ve been listening…👂 Which is why this edition is packed with two new resources we created, more art-related info, 💵-saving deals, and some fun.

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In This Issue:
  • 💥 Big News: Meta & Microsoft’s new models + new AI features from Slack, Adobe, Best Buy, & Oracle

  •  Weekly Spotlight: Create a website in 3 minutes

  • 🔥 Trending Tools: Easily organize your data & digital knowledge, create virtual influencers, & 5 more

  • 🤑 Deal of the Week: Master 20+ AI tools & ChatGPT for free (+$500 bonus)

  • ⚡️ Futurepedia NEWs: Track all of big tech’s AI releases in one place

  • 💡 Quick Tutorial: Remix your own image in Midjourney

  • 🤩 AI Fun: Capture essences (not images) with this AI-powered camera

💥 Big News

New AI Features from Big Tech

Meta released its new open-source model, Llama 3 & integrated its AI assistant across Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, & Messenger + they made their smart glasses multimodal.

Slack introduced AI-powered search, channel recaps, & thread summaries.

Microsoft made its new family of AI models (including Phi-3 Mini, a lightweight model suitable for personal devices) available on Azure AI Studio, Hugging Face, & Ollama.

Adobe’s new AI Photoshop tools (in beta) allow you to upload references images, enhance detail, generate backgrounds, & more.

Best Buy introduced Envision app, which enables you to preview 3D models of products before purchasing.

Oracle released AI features for predictive forecasts, proposals, job assistance, & more across its Fusion Apps suite.

 Weekly Spotlight

Welcome to the Future of Website Building

WebWave Website Builderr

Want to build a website fast, but don’t want to shell out exorbitant fees for design & development? WebWave’s AI builder makes website creation as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Describe your project

  2. Pick the style you like

  3. Hit generate

Create for free (with a free “.com” domain for a year) and launch your AI website for 50% off… what are you waiting for?

🔥 Trending Tools 

8 Trending & Featured AI Tools

Glambase: Create & customize your own virtual influencers**

MyMemo (freemium): Organize, analyze, & retrieve your digital knowledge seamlessly**

Tipis AI: Save significant time with daily data summarization & organization**

Pixel Dojo: Unlock creative possibility with access to multiple leading AI art tools

Jellypod: Transform your inbox into a daily podcast just for you

Sprucely (freemium): Turn data from multiple sources into actionable insights

Everlyn: Revolutionize how you teach, help, & test your students

Ritual: Simplify decisions & drive alignment with confidence


🚀 Don’t miss out on the best tools for you… log in to Futurepedia.io each Thursday to see your 5 personalized tool recommendations.

🤑 Deal of The Week

This 3-hour ChatGPT & AI Workshop will help you automate tasks & simplify your life using AI at no cost. (+ you get a bonus worth $500 on registering) 🎁

With AI & Chatgpt, you will be able to:

Make smarter decisions based on data in seconds using AI 

Automate daily tasks and increase productivity & creativity

Solve complex business problem to using the power of AI

Build stunning presentations & create content in seconds

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⚡️ Futurepedia NEWs

Easily Track All of Big Tech’s AI Releases

Stop chasing AI news - it’s too fast. Effortlessly stay on top of AI developments from all of tech’s biggest players — all in one place that’s updated daily.

Futurepedia's AI Innovation Resource

How To Use It

  • Quickly discover all of the latest AI releases (with one-liner summaries of each release + a link for more info)

  • Use the search bar to explore releases by category (ie. video)

  • Click on a company’s name to a timeline of their AI products & features

  • Ask our AI chatbot questions

Try our new AI Innovations resource, and let us know what you think!

💡 Quick Tutorial

Remix Your Own Image In Midjourney

Tutorial by Curtis Pyke

By providing your own image as part of a Midjourney prompt, you can generate artwork that is inspired by or similar to your own images.

To create images that closely resemble your image, you’ll need to first upload the image then adjust the image weight (which controls how much Midjourney focuses on the image versus the text prompt).

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. In Discord, drop your image into the command/chat line & press enter

  2. Right click on the image & select “copy link”

  3. Use the command “/imagine”

  4. In the prompt area, paste the copied link, hit the spacebar, type in your desired description, hit the spacebar again, add “--IW” followed by a space and your desired weight (e.g., --IW 2.0), & hit enter

FYI For Midjourney v6, the image weight range is 0.1. to 3.0. Higher numbers = more influence (i.e., more similar to your original image).

P.S. This tutorial came from our new AI tutorials directory, which is a curated collection of 187 tutorials and product demos. Browse, learn and bookmark your favorites.

🤩 AI Fun

Captures Essences, Not Images

The Poetry Camera is no ordinary camera… it generates (and prints!) poems based on your captured moments.

Powered by GPT-4 and Raspberry Pi (a minicomputer the size of a credit card), the device identifies key elements, colors, patterns, and even emotions 🤯 within the image you take, and uses this information to write you a poem in your chosen format — from haiku to sonnet to free verse.

So… we gotta know… what essences would you capture? 🤔

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