8 😎 AI Tools This Week

PLUS: Google, Amazon, Adobe &... the weather?... get AI upgrades

Will you be celebrating Earth Day on Monday? We certainly will thanks to recently discovering the Forest app.

When you need to focus, you plant virtual trees. Staying in the app allows your trees to fully mature — earning you coins that you can exchange to have real trees planted.

Productivity achieved Planet benefited did someone say win-win?

In This Issue:
  • 💥 Big News: PDFs, playlists, prompting, paid ads, image creation, & even the weather all get AI upgrades

  •  Weekly Spotlight: Create a custom chatbot for your website — for free

  • 🔥 Trending Tools: 10x your leads, expedite deep market research, create virtual influencers, & 5 more

  • ⚡️ Futurepedia NEWs: Demystify key AI concepts (& how they all work together)

  • 🌟 GPT of the Week: Level up your crypto game before the halving

  • 💡 Quick Guide: Amp up your biz’s sustainability efforts with AI

💥 Big News

New AI Features from Big Tech

Adobe added an AI PDF assistant to Acrobat.

Google Ads now offers AI image generation tools for Demand Gen campaigns.

Stability AI made Stable Diffusion 3 accessible from its Developer Platform.

Amazon Music has a new AI-powered feature that turns text prompts into playlists (sound familiar… ahem, Spotify?)

Logitech’s AI prompt builder can be accessed right from your mouse or keyboard.

The Weather Channel’s ReelSphere adds hyperlocal weather information overlays (& more) to video weather reports.

 Weekly Spotlight

Create a Custom Chatbot for Your Website (for FREE)

Chatling is the easiest way to create AI chatbots for your business. Build your chatbot visually using a drag-and-drop interface — and deploy it on any website in less than 15 minutes.

Train it on your website, knowledge base, and documents, and let it automate customer support, onboarding, lead generation, & sales conversations with your users (in over 85 languages!).

🔥 Trending Tools 

8 Trending & Featured AI Tools

M1-Project: 10x your leads & deals by crafting your ideal customer profile**

Osum: Perform deep market research in seconds (use checkout code FUTUREPEDIA for lifetime 25% off)**

Glambase: Create & customize your own virtual influencers**

Cassidy (freemium): Build AI automations & assistants trained on your business

Humanizer: Make AI text sound human-written (+ write better prompts)

Blahget (freemium): Automatically categorize, log, & track your expenses

Azyri: Streamline & enhance healthcare practices

UI Bakery (freemium): Create internal tools, CRUD apps, & more with only a text prompt


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⚡️ Futurepedia NEWs

Demystify Key AI Concepts (& How They Work Together)

Unravel the mysteries of ML, GenAI, LLMs, and SO much more. In our comprehensive AI Fundamentals guide, you’ll learn things like:

  • The 4 most common ML approaches & how they work

  • Why we have AI models train each other

  • How transformers & GANs work together

  • The relation between tokens, vectors, & embeddings

Read our AI Fundamentals guide to take your AI 🧠 to the next level.

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🌟 GPT of The Week

Level Up Your Crypto Game Before the Halving

With this Saturday’s anticipated Bitcoin halving, now’s the perfect time to make savvy trading decisions with the help of the Crypto Co-Pilot GPT.

  • Spot hot tokens before they surge

  • Unearth hidden gems

  • Track prices

  • Compare blockchain platforms

  • Stay informed on the latest crypto news

💡 Quick Guide

Amp Up Your Biz’s Sustainability Efforts With AI

Sustainability is a critical factor for business success — and AI is here to help, for small companies and big players alike.

Product Development & Packaging

Up to 80% of products’ environmental impacts are determined at the design phase. Create sustainable products & packaging by using AI to:

  • Scout for the most sustainable materials & analyze durability

  • Avoid wasteful iterations via accurate, early-stage predictions

  • Determine efficient manufacturing processes

By changing the shape and size of boxes, Amazon’s AI-driven Packaging Design Engine has reduced packaging material use by nearly 25% — saving on resources and minimizing waste.

AI Tools + AI-Powered Solutions

  • Arbor: Calculate your products’ carbon footprints

  • Monolith: Develop sustainable products via data-driven modeling

  • NobleAI: Create sustainable, reliably sourced chemical & material products

Supply Chain

Use AI in your supply chain to analyze traffic data, fuel consumption, and demand patterns — reducing greenhouse gas emissions via efficient route planning and sustainable configurations. Plus, AI can identify environmentally responsible suppliers and supply chain partners.

IBM utilizes AI-driven analytics of weather patterns, traffic conditions, and more to dynamically adjust their logistics operations — boosting efficiency while reducing environmental impact.

AI Tools + AI-Powered Solutions

Energy Efficiency & Waste Reduction

Reduce building and equipment carbon emissions by using AI to:

  • Optimize energy systems via smart lighting, HVACs, & more

  • Monitor real-time emissions data to identify improvement areas

  • Reduce waste by predicting equipment failures — extending product life spans

Shell uses AI to predict when plant equipment might fail, thus preventing unnecessary maintenance and the subsequent waste.

AI Tools + AI-Powered Solutions

  • Jungle AI: Improve machinery performance

  • Clarity AI: Assess, analyze, & report your sustainability goals

  • AutoGrid Flex: Optimize the generation, storage, & distribution of energy within a micro-grid

  • EcoSaver GPT: Learn tips for an eco-friendly office