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7 Trending Tools to Create Quality Work in An Instant

PLUS: MIT uses AI for infection treatment, the ultimate researching prompt structure, & win a $100 gift card for your ideas?

💥 Big News

AI Happenings You Don’t Want To Miss

Google introduces MedLM, a set of LLM AI models created to support medical professionals — such as by quickly creating accurate notes directly from clinician-patient conversations.

MIT used deep learning to identify compounds that kill drug-resistant bacteria such as MRSA, an infection that causes more than 10,000 deaths each year. Plus, researchers may be able to use the AI’s learning mechanism to create even better treatments.

NVIDIA prepares to reveal its latest AI advancements — which focus on consumer tech & robotics — at next month’s CES trade show, including via a publicly-streamed address at 8AM PT on Monday, January 8.

TomTom & Microsoft introduces AI to cars with a voice assistant designed to elevate interactions within infotainment, GPS, & other vehicle command systems.

Instagram released Backdrop, it’s new AI-powered tool that allows you to change the background of your stories.

🌟 Weekly Spotlight

Efficiently Organize Your Entire Writing Process

Efficiently manage your entire writing process — from note-capture to draft creation to collaborative editing — with Strut, a productivity tool designed specifically for writers.

🔥 Hot Tools

7 Trending Tools to Create Quality Work in An Instant

We think you might love these tools that are getting high engagement on Futurepedia & other AI-enthusiast communities.

Beef up your AI arsenal by bookmarking them (and any other interesting tools) directly in your Futurepedia account.

Video To Blog: Maximize the life of your content by transforming YouTube videos into SEO-friendly blogs — using just a URL.**

B12.io: Build your website in 60 seconds + quickly craft compelling content with the help of a ChatGPT-powered writing tool.

Verble: Deliver your next pitch or wedding speech with confidence with the help of your very own speechwriting & public speaking coach.

Suno AI: Make great music in seconds, no instrument needed.

Krisp: Eliminate background noises for distraction-free virtual meetings + enhance productivity with call notes & transcriptions.

Simple Analytics: Get real-time insights & recommendations for optimizing your web content with this privacy policy-compliant Google Analytics alternative.

** Featured

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💡 Quick Tutorial

6 Tips To Improve Researching with ChatGPT

A previous Futurepedia newsletter survey found that our AI enthusiasts are using Google 30% less since adopting chatbots like ChatGPT. We leaned on search engines a lot for research and knowledge.

But the beautiful thing about prompting is that we are in complete control of the output format (unlike with search engines). And if we don’t specify, it will not be as efficient or effective for us.

Here’s 6 tips to improve your research prompts:

Start Simple:

E.g.: “Please explain the concepts as if I were 12 years old.”

Specify length:

E.g.: “Use a maximum of 200 words in your response.” Don’t read more than you need to!

Specify layout:

E.g: “Use bullet points.” Other common options include paragraphs, ranked lists, tables, or Excel.

Add exclusion content:

E.g.: “Please ensure to exclude any technical jargon or advanced terminology.” This aligns with simplicity

Add inclusion content:

E.g.: “For each concept, please provide a helpful analogy or practical example.”

Ask for sources:

E.g.: “For each concept, please provide a helpful analogy or practical example.”

Copy This Template:

Act as a [subject matter] expert. Please explain the key concepts of how the [SUBJECT] works as if I were 12 years old. Exclude any technical jargon or advanced terminology that could confuse the average person. For each concept, please provide a helpful analogy or practical example. Use a maximum of 200 words in your response and include bullet points. Lastly, cite any sources that were helpful in crafting this response.

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