6 Trending Tools to Simplify Your Life

PLUS: Gemini's long-awaited release & ChatGPT helps save a life

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AI Happenings You Don’t Want To Miss

Google released long-awaited Gemini, it’s ‘most capable’ AI model ever. Trained on text, images, video, and audio, Gemini will first power Google’s chatbot, Bard, before expanding to other Google products.

Microsoft Bing introduced Deep Search, a GPT-4-powered feature that enhances complex queries’ results by understanding user intent and generating a curated selection based on relevance, credibility, and quality.

Meta launches Seamless Communication, a family of AI research models offering expressive, high-quality AI translation for fast, more natural communication across languages.

MediaTek unveiled new phone chips that enhance communication among devices and use on-device generative AI that improves personalized suggestions, crafts (confidential) meeting transcriptions, and more.

OpenAI’s GPT Store opening got delayed to early 2024. While still available for creation and sharing, GPTs won’t be publicly listed until the official launch.

🔥 Hot Tools

6 Trending Tools to Simplify Your Life

We think you might love these tools that are getting high engagement on Futurepedia & other AI-enthusiast communities.

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Uizard: Design digital products, mobile apps, website mockups, & wireframes in minutes using simple text prompts.**

Cotter: Make informed stock decisions by receiving ratings of companies’ stock positions.

AI Sound Copilot: Enhance videos, enrich game experiences, & more with personalized (licensing-free) sounds effects.

ViralKit: Attract new customers and boost engagement by auto-generating contests, giveaways, & sweepstakes.

GiftHuntr: Maximize and simplify your holiday shopping with curated gift recommendations based on the recipient’s personality, interests, & preferences.

Recall: Chrome extension that summarizes any form of online content (ie. blog, video, news) and saves them into categories. Like bookmarks on steriods.

Spot: Transform video footage into actionable insights.

** Featured

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💪 Tutorial

(Painlessly) Position Objects in Midjourney

If you’ve ever tried Midjourney, you likely know that positioning objects can be a huge pain. But it’s a critical thing to know… especially for projects like banners and background images that require room for text.

Create space on one side

The prompts we’ve seen work best are formatted as follows:
[focal point object description], [background description], “isolated on the [left/right] side of the image”

A cartoon christmas tree with presents, hills with snow in the background, isolated on the left side of the image --ar 16:9

Create space in the middle

Space in the middle is challenging but doable. Here, it’s best to structure the prompt with the background, describe the elements on either side, describe the styles.

A minimalist ui illustration of an ocean landscape with palm trees on both sides, in the style of light orange and light beige, colorful animation stills, light brown and pink --ar 64:17

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ChatGPT To The Rescue

After stumbling upon an injured bird, Marily Nika, Ph.D, an AI product manager and educator, asked ChatGPT what to do.

…and it not only helped handle the situation but provided the number of a humane society that came and rescued the bird.

The Takeaway: Most of us would have seen this injured bird and Googled something or someone to call for help. That’s been our habit for decades after all. Yet Marily shows us a great example of the positive things that can occur as we begin to refactor our approach to solving problems, acquiring knowledge or getting help from AI. The use cases are truly expansive.

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