11 Epic AI Tools This Week

Plus: How to create a GPT that writes like you

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💥 Big News

AI Happenings You Don’t Want To Miss

Apple unveiled MGIE, which allows you to precisely edit images using text commands.

LinkedIn introduced a chatbot for job assistance + a feature that helps you network.

OpenAI will add watermarks to DALL-E 3-generated content starting February 12 in an effort to prevent AI misuse. (Related: Meta’s similar plan)

Ikea’s new GPT-powered assistant gives personalized design recommendations based on your style, room dimensions, & sustainability.

Stability AI improved video motion & quality with SVD 1.1, an upgrade to Stable Video Diffusion.

🔥 Hot Tools

11 New & Trending AI Tools

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Glambase (paid): Create a unique AI influencer & content creator**

AI Phone (freemium): Never miss call details again with live transcriptions + highlight summaries**

Charlie Lounge (freemium): Build AI assistants for your own workflows or as website agents**

Keyword Search (paid): Boost conversions & ROI with advanced audience targeting**

Startilla (free): Refine your business concept & create startup documents

Podcaster Tools by Podurama (freemium): Get content ideas, track engagement, & generate episode show notes, blogs, & more

Todo of Happiness (paid): Elevate your daily life with personalized to-do lists & mental health guidance

Findr (freemium): Search all your apps at once

ResumeRanker (free): Land interviews by tailoring your resume & crafting compelling cover letters

AI Form Roast (free): Get your online forms roasted — then boost conversions with in-depth suggestions

Dorik (paid): Design a customized website from just a prompt


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🌟 Weekly Spotlight

Time to Add AI to Your Portfolio

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Check out The Ultimate ChatGPT Tutorial video we released earlier this week, which covers every ChatGPT feature (including some hidden ones).

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💡Quick Tutorial

Get ChatGPT To Write Like You or Your Brand

By creating your own custom GPT, you can significantly increase the odds that you’ll get results that actually sound like how you write.

HINT: You’ll need GPT4 access to create a custom GPT.

In case you’re unfamiliar with custom GPTs, unlike custom instructions (which you’d have to change each time you want outputs in a different style), you can create GPTs packed with specific context and instructions — which is super helpful if you don’t always want ChatGPT outputs in one style, such as if you:

  • Write multiple types of content with different tones

  • Write for multiple brands/people

Use Cases for this GPT

Writing blogs & articles, emails, social media content, customer service responses, press releases, & legal documentation + personal assistants writing in their boss’ voice or writing anything with specific accessibility needs


1. Collect & Save Writing Samples

Gather a comprehensive, varied selection of you or your brand’s writings (e.g. articles, emails, etc.) where your unique style and tone is evident. Save them all as plain text files or in a single CSV file.

2. Create Your Own Custom GPT

  • Click ‘Explore GPTs’

  • Click ‘Create’

  • Explain what your GPT is about, e.g.: “A copywriter & content writer that generates outputs in my brand’s voice, tone, style, & structure”

  • Name it & decide on an image (You can ask it for iterations, e.g.: “Add more whimsy” or to include certain words)

  • Tell it more about what you’re looking for, e.g.:

    • Brand specifics

      • Use this voice: [description]

      • Use this tone: [description]

      • Use this style: [description]

    • Your preferred greetings & sign-offs

    • Any topics, languages, or phrases to avoid using

    • The audience you want it to write for

    • The role you want it to play

      • e.g. “Write like an award-winning copywriter with 20 years of experience”

    • Themes, topics, or perspectives that align with your brand that you want emphasized

    • Cultural sensitivity information it should be aware of

  • Continue adjusting until it generates the output you’re looking for

3. Configure Your GPT

  • Instructions: You likely won’t need to edit this, but you can.

  • Conversation Starters: You can change these to outputs you’ll often seek help with, e.g. write a [blog post/email/product description/instagram caption]

  • Uploads: Upload the documents you prepared in Step 1. (P.S. Even if you already told it your voice, tone, etc., uploading full files teaches it nuances, such as sentence complexity, word choices, how your writing adapts to different lengths or tasks, and more.)

  • Actions: To an add extra boost, integrate existing or custom APIs, such as APIs for content research, plagiarism check, language translation, or image sourcing.

4. Save Your New Custom GPT

When you hit ‘Save’, select who can use your GPT, including only you, anyone with the link (great for sharing it with others in your company!), or public.

🚨 VERY IMPORTANT NOTE 🚨: Do not include confidential information if you’re making your GPT public or sharing the link with anyone who shouldn’t have access to that information.

How to Access Your GPT

  • Click on your custom GPT in the left-hand corner above ‘Explore GPTs’ (NOTE: It won’t show up there if you haven’t saved it yet)

  • When in a regular chat, use the “@” symbol to call your custom GPT into the chat

🤩 Awe-Inspiring AI Use

Dan Used ChatGPT to Learn About His Grandpa’s Service In WWII

When browsing LinkedIn we found a really unique and inspiring GPT story and wanted to share…

Dan was only 6 years old when his grandpa passed, and was left some keepsakes from his service in WWII. They sat in a box for many years. But Dan recently thought to ask ChatGPT about the items to see what he might learn…

By sharing photos of the box’s contents, ChatGPT informed Dan that the:

  • Blue & white pin was assigned to rangers in the infantry — meaning his grandpa engaged in close contact & direct fire battles

  • Swatch with the sword on fire is insignia of the 45h Infantry Division, a division which saw significant combat

  • Black & brown swatch is a rank insignia given to Staff Sergeants. Meaning he was promoted several times.

  • Black oval is a German “dog tag” that belonged to a fallen soldier of the 9th battalion

The Takeaway

After all those years, AI awareness made Dan look at that box differently one day.

The lesson for you is to work on reframing your thinking as this paradigm shift progresses. Share your new wisdom and use cases. It’s your key unlocking more possibilities for your world and your work.

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