11 Cool AI Tools This Week

Plus: easily optimize your prompts using markdown, GPT of the Week goes to...

💥 Big News

AI Happenings You Don’t Want To Miss

Samsung’s new phones offer built-in generative AI features in its hardware, including Gemini for Messages, Notes, Voice Recorder, & Keyboard — a significant move in making AI more mainstream.

Microsoft Copilot now offers GPT-4 Turbo & DALL-E 3 for free + Copilot Pro unlocks AI-powered writing assistance in Word, Excel data analysis, Outlook email crafting, & the ability to generate an entire PowerPoint from a text prompt.

Apple’s immersive video Vision Pro headset (priced at a hefty $3,499) will be available for pre-order tomorrow. Seamlessly blending digital content with the physical world, it’s a major advancement in how we engage with technology.

OpenAI removed its military use ban to work on cybersecurity tools + preps for the US election season by outlawing its AI models for lobbying, impersonation, or political persuasion. (ICYMI: Google did something similar).

Salesforce introduced AI tools for e-commerce businesses

Adobe innovated Premiere Pro with AI audio editing capabilities.

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🔥 Hot Tools

11 New & Trending AI Tools

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HappyML (freemium): Deploy specialized AI bots to automate daily operations 24/7. **

Spatial Touch (freemium): Control your devices from a distance with your hands — no screen touching required

GigaBrain (free): Quickly scan Reddit & other online forums to find useful answers from real people

ReelCraft (free trial): Transform ideas into captivating animations

camp. (freemium): Automatically extract the information you care about from your screenshots

Helloii (free): Replace your Google homepage with ChatGPT

AI Audio Kit (paid): Transcribe any audio files & recordings easily, with precision

Racr: Troubleshoot car issues & get advice for maintaining your vehicle

Triibe (paid): Boost employee engagement & build a happier workplace

Instill (free): Accelerate AI app development by 10x with this no-code/low-code platform

Launched (free): swift and hassle-free website creation


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💡 Quick Tutorial

Format Any Prompt Better with Simple Markdown

Markdown is a markup language that allows you to create formatted text using a plain text editor, such as Microsoft Word.

Why: help the AI better understand your prompt, the areas of emphasis and order of priority, so it can generate a more relevant output.

There’s a lot to markdown but these 4 are most impactful:

  1. Links ([Link text](URL)):

    • Significance: Links are crucial for referencing external content, providing sources, and directing readers to additional information. They enrich the content by connecting it with a broader context.

    • Example: [OpenAI](https://www.openai.com)

  2. Headings (# Heading 1, ## Heading 2, ...):

    • Significance: Headings structure the content, making it easier to follow and understand. They are essential for organizing thoughts, especially in longer texts.

    • Example: ## This is a Heading 2

  3. Lists (Unordered - Item, Ordered 1. First Item):

    • Significance: Lists offer a clear way to present a series of points, steps, or items. They are great for readability and for breaking down complex information into digestible parts.

    • Example:

      • Unordered: - Item

      • Ordered: 1. First Item

  4. Bold (**bold text**) and Italic (*italicized text*):

    • Significance: Bold and italic formatting are essential for emphasizing specific parts of the text. They help in drawing attention to key points or terms.

To learn more ways you can format your prompts, such as adding quotes, tables, & more check out this markdown cheatsheet.

🎖️ GPT of the Week

Automate Time-Consuming, Business-Critical Workflows

Automation Consultant by Zapier helps you discover opportunities to save time — and guides you through set up — with intelligent, straightforward solutions for streamlining your workflows across various apps. Automation is the next phase of AI. Use this GPT and explore the possibilities for your business!

How to Use Automation Consultant

Ask this easy-to-talk-to GPT things like:

  • How can Zapier help me with lead management?

  • Can you create a custom Zap for [describe the process you want to automate]?

  • Can you help me streamline data entry to my CRM?

  • What can I do with Zapier and [Slack, Notion, Google Calendar, or other software & tools]?

  • Can you help me troubleshoot an issue with my existing Zap?

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