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In This Issue:
  • 💥 Big News: Microsoft’s endless new releases + new Zoom, Adobe, Salesforce, YouTube, & Dell features

  • 🔥 Hot Tools: Create top-notch forms & websites, write emails 10x faster, become the best parent possible, & 7 more

  • 💡 Quick Guide: Unleash Perplexity’s full potential

  • 😂 AI Fun: Play Google’s new game to learn to write better prompts

💥 Big News

AI Releases From Big Tech

Microsoft introduced Team Copilot & an AI-powered Advanced Paste feature that pastes clipboard text into different formats, enables Truecaller’s AI assistant to respond in your voice, + unveiled Copilot+ PCs — which run AI locally without internet connection. (See more new & upcoming Microsoft releases here.)

Zoom released new Zoom AI Companion capabilities, including quick replies, custom meeting notices, enhanced collaboration settings, & more.

Adobe unveiled new Lightroom photo-editing features, including Generative Remove & Lens Blur.

Salesforce introduced Einstein Copilots for marketers & Commerce Cloud features for merchants.

HuggingFace integrated its collection of 200k+ open-source AI models to Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning Studio & launched new Azure ND
MI300X VMs.

YouTube is allowing certain Premium subscribers to try their new AI features, including generating instrumental tracks from text prompts.

TikTok introduced an AI suite for brands to enhance their advertising strategies.

Dell & Nvidia expanded the Dell AI Factory, including an AI solution for digital assistants that delivers personalized self-service experiences.

Big tech launched 141 products & features in the last week. See summaries here.

🔥 Hot Tools 

11 New & Featured AI Tools

Metaforms (freemium): Create top-notch forms**

Kintext: Become the best parent possible with research-backed guidance**

Wegic (freemium): Bring your ideal website to life**

MailMaestro: Write emails 10x faster with better AI features than Copilot at ½ the price**

Cleft (freemium): Say what’s on your mind & let Cleft connect the dots into coherent notes

Verta RAG System: Create trusted RAG prototypes with no coding

Bricksoft: Sell your services online & stay booked, forever

Sprig (freemium): Capture continuous feedback right in your product or website

Fractall: Maximize equipment & facilities’ operability

Skyla (freemium): Supercharge your Shopify store’s customer service

LARQ: Assess retention with quizzes on live meetings, videos, & PDFs


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💡 Quick Guide

Unleash Perplexity’s Full Potential

Perplexity is an invaluable AI-powered search engine that instantly delivers precise, well-researched answers on a huge range of topics… but could you be using it better?

Fine-Tune Searches with ‘Search Focus’

Get more relevant answers by using Search Focus, which narrows down the sources (e.g., academic articles, YouTube videos, Reddit, Wolfram Alpha calculations, & more) Perplexity uses to generate your results.

How To Use: Hit ‘Focus’ in the bottom left of the search bar. Select your desired option from the dropdown menu.

Organize & Collaborate with ‘Collections’

Enhance efficiency and collaboration by organizing your threads into (optionally sharable) collections. This one has been an absolute game-changer for us. (See an example here).

How To Use: To create or access collections, select ‘Library’ from the left side menu. See your collections on the right side of the page. Select the ‘+’ option to create a new collection. Alternatively, create a collection by typing a question into the search bar, and then selecting the ‘+ Collection’ button above your question.

Tailor Outputs By Personalizing Your Profile

Similar to ChatGPT’s custom instructions, by inputting your preferences (e.g., language, interests, values, preferred search response format or tone, & more) into your profile, Perplexity can use this information to offer you personalized results.

How To Use: Next to your username in the bottom left corner of the screen, click the ‘Settings’ icon. Select ‘Profile’ in the top right corner. Fill in your answers, and hit ‘Save’.

Leverage Perplexity in Other Apps Via Its API

Integrate Perplexity’s AI capabilities directly into your applications and workflows. For example, developers can create apps that automatically generate reports or summaries by querying Perplexity’s API. 🙀

How To Use: Learn more here & here.

Additional Useful Features

  • Don’t allow Perplexity use your threads to train itself. Select ‘Settings' > ‘AI Data Retention’ > Toggle off.

  • Choose which LLMs & image generation models you’d like to use (pro users only). Select ‘Settings’ > ‘AI Model’ or ‘Image Generation Model’ > Select from the dropdown.

😂 AI Fun

Want To Write Better Prompts? Play This Game.

Google’s free, interactive Say What You See game makes learning how to write effective prompts actually… fun. 🤯

Say What You See Game

How It Works

  • During each round, you’re shown an image, and you have three tries to write a text prompt that could produce a similar image.

  • As you play, you get tips for improving your prompts.

  • To progress to the next round, you need to receive a percentage similarity score that increases with each level (e.g., 50% for Level 1, 60% for Level 2, etc.).

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