11 🔥 AI Tools This Week

+ 4 new AI video generators & releases from Google, Perplexity, LinkedIn, Adobe, & more

In the last few weeks, FOUR new incredibly powerful video generators emerged:

  • Luma Lab’s Dream Machine brings static images to life

  • Kuaishou Technology’s Kling specializes in narrative videos with consistent characters & environments across scenes

  • Runway’s Gen-3 Alpha offers a wide range of cinematic choices & precise art direction control

  • Google Deep Mind’s VEO creates 2D animations from text descriptions

With Dream Machine the only one currently available for public use, we know we’re itching to get out hands on the other three.

Which one are you most excited to try?

In This Issue:
  • 💥 Big News: Meta’s 3 new AI audio features, Perplexity imitates Google, Adobe beefed up Acrobat with video capabilities, LinkedIn made job hunting easier, & more

  •  Weekly Spotlight: Discover (& convert!) your ideal customers

  • 🔥 Hot Tools: Write emails 10x faster, automate… anything, close more deals, rapidly create courses, & 7 more

  • 🌟 GPT of the Week: Create powerful, highly effective custom GPTs

  • 💡 Quick Tutorial: Sharpen your strategies & communicate more effectively

💥 Big News

AI Releases From Big Tech

Google is rolling out a feature that reads webpages to you + unveiled a new resource that equips advertisers with helpful AI tools & expertise.

Perplexity now displays weather, time, & more in visually appealing cards — offering you quicker access to common information (while reducing your reliance on it’s rival, Google).

Adobe enhanced Acrobat by adding an AI assistant, enabling you to create visuals within PDFs, & more (try it for free until June 28).

LinkedIn’s three new AI tools make job hunting easier.

Yahoo upgraded their News app to let you block keywords, flag clickbait, & customize your feed.

Snap’s Snapchat got new new AI-powered augmented reality capabilities + have you seen a former Snap engineer’s new social network where you can create an AI persona?

💫 Big Tech launched 98 products & features in the last week. See summaries here.

 Weekly Spotlight

Discover (& Convert!) Your Ideal Customers


M1-Project offers deep dive analytics and market-specific data tailored to your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) report, so you discover exactly:

  • Who your customers are, including their roles, problems, goals, & more

  • Where to find them — online and offline

  • How to talk to them in the way that resonates best

Ready to improve your targeting, shorten your sales cycles, and boost engagement rates?

🔥 Hot Tools 

11 Trending & Featured AI Tools

MailMaestro: Write emails 10x faster with better AI features than Copilot at ½ the price**

BotX: Automate work with AI agents**

Coursebox: Rapidly convert videos, docs, & websites into courses**

Reply.io: Automate sales outreach & close deals**

Ren (freemium): Unlock your (or your entire team’s) leadership potential**

TwoShot: Find, create, & remix music samples

MagicPublish.ai (free): Instantly get optimized YouTube video metadata in your style

OnePubli.sh: Write once, publish everywhere directly from Notion

SparkReceipt (freemium): Track expenses efficiently

Epipheo: Create marketing videos in minutes

Alva (freemium): Effortlessly organize your schedule & manage goals


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🌟 GPT of The Week

Create Powerful, Highly Effective Custom GPTs

Utilizing a custom GPT that’s tailored to your specific needs skyrockets your efficiency while significantly enhancing the quality of your work.

… but creating a custom GPT that’s truly effective? That’s no small feat.

Whether you’re building a new custom GPT or enhancing an existing one, the GPT Customizer, File Finder, and JSON Action Creator GPT helps you to effortlessly create powerful, highly effective custom GPTs by:

  • Offering step-by-step guidance for creating your GPT & tailoring it to your specific needs

  • Finding downloadable files (e.g., PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, & CSVs) that enhance its knowledge base & make it more effective

  • Sharing helpful APIs, guidance on how to implement them, & solutions for API-related issues

  • Creating custom actions by structuring JSON code

💡 Quick Tutorial

Sharpen Your Strategies & Communicate More Effectively

Using ChatGPT to role play contrasting viewpoints helps you explore a topic from different perspectives. By considering a broader range of insights and potential outcomes, you can then make better strategic decisions or improve communication with various stakeholders.

Use Cases

  • Strategic Decision-Making: Explore potential outcomes & challenges of business decisions from multiple stakeholder perspectives

  • Sales & Marketing: Gain an in-depth understanding of different customer perspectives

  • Customer Service: Learn to respond effectively to difficult customers or nuanced issues

  • Product Development: Simulate customer feedback on new or potential products/services

  • Relationship Management: Understand different stakeholders’ concerns & motivations to increase buy-in likelihood

Role Play Prompt Outline

To have ChatGPT engage in role play, in your prompt, you’ll need to:

1. Determine Roles & Desired Outcomes

“Act like a [role] with 20+ years of experience who effectively facilitates insightful discussions to [desired outcome]. Create a dynamic, detailed conversation between [parties involved]. The goal is to [what you want to learn to achieve desired outcome].”

2. Provide Relevant Data

3. Outline Conversation Steps

  • Step 1: Introduce the scenario and describe the [parties involved]

  • Step 2: Start the conversation with [reason for conversation]

  • Step 3: Facilitate a dynamic conversation that [what you want to gain from the conversation]

  • Step 4: Conclude the conversation with [desired takeaways]

Prompt Examples

When using the following prompts, be sure to personalize them by filling in any content that is italicized and uploading your reference data.

Customer Service

Act like a seasoned customer service trainer with 20+ years of experience who specializes in facilitating insightful discussions to turn challenging situations into positive outcomes.

Objective: Create a dynamic, detailed conversation between a customer service representative at [company name] and a difficult customer. The goal is to demonstrate effective techniques for de-escalating the situation and addressing the customer’s concerns regarding [specific issue].

Reference data: I’ve uploaded a PDF called [PDF name] with information about [company name]’s customer service policies and procedures. Please refer to relevant information in the PDF to formulate an effective output.

Work on this step-by-step:

1. Start the conversation with the customer expressing dissatisfaction about [specific issue]

2. Facilitate a conversation that shows how the representative listens actively and expresses empathy while acknowledging the customer’s issues then provides solutions specific to [company name]’s policies and procedures

3. Conclude the conversation with a resolution that satisfies the customer

4. Summarize insights & provide actionable recommendations that [company name] can use to enhance customer satisfaction in similar scenarios

Product Development

Act like an expert market researcher with 20+ years of experience who specializes in facilitating insightful discussions among different customer personas to uncover deeper insights into their behaviors and attitudes.

Objective: Create a dynamic, detailed conversation between different customer personas with varying needs and preferences regarding [product]. The goal is to gather comprehensive insights into their perspectives, including identifying common themes and significant differences that can inform strategies for improving [product].

Reference data: I’ve uploaded a PDF called [PDF name] with information about [company name]’s product named [product name]. I’ve also uploaded another PDF called [PDF name] that outlines our customer personas. Please refer to relevant information in the PDFs to formulate an effective output.

Work on this step-by-step:

1. Start the conversation with each persona introducing themselves, including information on their background, how they approach making purchasing decisions and what criteria they prioritize, their preferences regarding products in the same category as [product], and any particular pain points, desires, or expectations they have

2. Facilitate a dynamic conversation that covers various aspects such as product features, pricing, usability, customer service, and overall satisfaction

3. Conclude the conversation by thanking the participants for their insights

4. Summarize key insights gained, including common themes and significant differences in the customer’s perspectives, and provide actionable recommendations on how these insights can be used to improve [company name]’s product, [product name]


Copy and paste one of these examples into the Prompt Engineer GPT, and ask it to edit the prompt to fit your specific scenario.

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