11 🙌 AI Tools This Week

PLUS: OpenAI, Google, + Anthropic make BIG moves & adapt to AI's job market shifts

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The plot thickens… Remember that mysterious chatbot we mentioned last week? It’s back (and speculation is swirling that it might be GPT-4.5).

In This Issue:
  • 💥 Big News: OpenAI search engine, Gemini shortcut, Google cybersecurity, Claude app, & more

  •  Weekly Spotlight: Create presentations 10x faster

  • 🔥 Trending Tools: Chat with your PDFs, automate your B2B marketing, easily navigate crypto markets, & 8 more

  • 🌟 GPT of the Week: Convert images into fully functional code

  • 💡 Quick Guide: AI’s changes to daily work & the job market (with tips!)

💥 Big News

AI Releases From Big Tech

OpenAI’s SearchGPT search engine is speculated to release on Monday.

Google added a Gemini AI shortcut (‘@gemini’) to Chrome & introduced an AI-powered cybersecurity product for large organizations.

Anthropic launched a Claude iOS app.

YouTube premium subscribers can now skip to video’s most engaging parts using the AI-powered Jump Ahead feature.

Hugging Face launched LeRobot, an open-source toolkit designed to democratize AI robotics.

Amazon launched Bedrock Studio, a web-based tool for building AI apps.

Github made Copilot Chat publicly available via its mobile app.

Red Hat integrated generative AI capabilities into OpenShift, RHEL, & more.

Visa’s new generative AI solution combats cyber attacks.

There’s been 151 product launches in the past week from big tech. See them summarized here.

 Weekly Spotlight

An entirely new way to present ideas

Gamma’s AI creates beautiful presentations, websites, and more. No design or coding skills required. Try it free today.

🔥 Trending Tools 

11 Trending & Featured AI Tools

Documind: Chat with your PDFs to quickly find all the info you need**

Tely.ai: Optimize & automate your B2B content marketing**

Crypto Copilot: Navigate crypto markets with precision — directly on your X feed**

Pump (free): Save up to 60% on your AWS bills

Ilus AI: Create stylistically consistent illustrations in minutes

Mockey (freemium): Create stunning product mockups using 5k+ templates in 25+ categories

Braudit: Get personalized guidance & data-driven insights for your career journey

Butternut: Build your dream multi-page website in 20 seconds

Athina (freemium): Monitor LLMs in production for hallucinations, bias, & safety risks

Hoory: Streamline your customer support operations

Gilion: Effectively scale your business with a tailored growth financing solution


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🌟 GPT of The Week

Convert Images Into Fully Functional Code

Screen Shot to Code GPT

Provide an image or screenshot of a website design, and the Screen Shot to Code GPT will turn it into an interactive, responsive website prototype using:

  • Your preferred framework (HTML with Tailwind CSS, React, Vue, or Bootstrap)

  • CDNs (like unpkg or skypack) for Javascript dependencies

How It Can Help You

  • Image to Prototype: Converts images into fully functional code, including detailed page layouts, navigation, & more

  • Design Recommendations: Offers suggestions to enhance the design & functionality based on current web development trends

  • Responsive Design: Ensure that the prototype is responsive on both desktop & mobile devices

  • Interactive Elements: Implements forms, buttons, sliders, & other dynamic content

  • Open-Source Fonts & Images: Integrates Google fonts & images from Unsplash

Get exactly what you’re looking for by telling it:

  • What about your uploaded image appeals to you

  • Specific text content for headers, paragraphs, & buttons

  • Images & icons you want included

  • Your preferences for colors + font & element styles

  • Functionality aspects to include (e.g., dropdown menus & sliders)

  • Tools & services to integrate (e.g., Google Maps & social media feeds)

  • Accessibility, security, language, & SEO considerations

💡 Quick Guide

How AI Is Changing Daily Work & The Job Market (+ Tips!)

Microsoft & LinkedIn’s comprehensive 2024 Work Index Trend study surveyed 31,000+ people in 31 countries, analyzed LinkedIn hiring trends, and crunched trillions of Microsoft 365 productivity signals — all to shed light on how AI is reshaping not only day-to-day work but the labor market as a whole. Here’s our top takeaways (plus, some tips!).

76% of Employees Use AI at Work

68% of people say they struggle with the pace and volume of work — and many are shifting to AI to get some relief, using AI to catch up on missing meetings, analyze information, design visual content, interact with customers, and brainstorm or problem-solve. Copilot users who saw the most impact spent 25-45% less time reading emails.

Those who use AI at least several times per week save more than 30 minutes per day and say it:

  • Helps them focus on the most important work (93%)

  • Makes their overwhelming workload more manageable (92%)

  • Boosts their creativity (92%)

  • Helps them feel more motivated (91%)

  • Helps them enjoy work more (91%)

“The opportunity for every leader is to channel this momentum into ROI… Organizations that apply AI to drive growth, manage costs, and deliver greater value to customers will pull ahead.”

Businesses Are Slow to Adopt AI…

Despite 79% of leaders agreeing their company needs to adopt AI to stay competitive, 45% of US executives are not currently investing in AI tools or products for employees — citing uncertainty around budgets, measurement, and implementation.

This is leading to 85% of Gen Z, 78% of Millennial, 76% of Gen X, & 73% of Boomer workers bringing their own AI tools to work.

“This approach means missing out on the benefits that come from strategic AI use at scale. It also puts company data at risk in an environment where leaders’ #1 concern for the year ahead is cybersecurity and data privacy.”

…But Intend To Hire Employees With AI Skills

Only 25% of companies are planning to offer generative AI training this year, but 66% of leaders say they wouldn’t hire someone without AI skills… 71% say they’d rather hire a less experienced candidate with AI skills than a more experienced candidate without them.

AI adoption matters to job seekers, too. In another Microsoft study, 54% of early-career and individual contributor employees (i.e., the future of the workforce) said that access to AI would influence their choice of employer.

AI Is Undoubtedly Changing The Workforce

Globally, skills are projected to change by 50% by 2030 (from 2016) — and generative AI is expected to accelerate this change to 68%.

Project managers, architects, and administrative assistants are among the top non-technical professionals upskilling in AI, and administrative and support services, real estate, and retail workers are the top industries’ adding AI skills to their LinkedIn profiles.

“For the vast majority of people, AI isn’t replacing their job but transforming it… Entry-level workers will take on more strategic projects, while uniquely human skills like management, relationship building, negotiation, and critical thinking will come to the fore for employees at all levels.”

Tips for Employees

  • Take AI courses to upskill/reskill & stay competitive in the job market

  • If you feel comfortable doing so, talk to your employers about adopting AI & offering AI training for employees (cite this study as to why its beneficial)

Tips for Leaders

  • Identify a business problem, then apply AI (e.g., start with customer service and focus on improving call-handling time)

  • Take a top-down approach — enlisting your business’ leaders to activate teams around AI

  • Check out this AI Upskilling Across Your Organization article

  • Prioritize training your employees in AI to boost productivity, secure competitive advantage, attract top talent, & increase the likelihood of employee retention