10 Cool AI Tools This Week

Plus: attract Linkedin followers, the best prompt frameworks & Meta's free programming tool

💥 Big News

AI Happenings You Don’t Want To Miss

OpenAI GPT-4 users can now type “@” into an existing chat thread to use any publicly available custom GPT.

Google rolled out its ‘Circle to Search’ feature on Pixel 8 phones, so now you can simply circle or highlight things in other apps to learn more about them.

Arc released Arc Search, which pulls information from multiple sources to build you an entirely new webpage (with a summary & detailed sections) based on your search query.

Yelp’s new AI feature on iOS summarizes user reviews, so you can easily learn about a location’s atmosphere, amenities, popular dishes, & more.

Meta’s free programming tool, Code Llama, got a big upgrade — closing the gap with GPT-4.

🌟 Weekly Spotlight

Leverage AI to Grow on LinkedIn

Taplio helps 6,200+ LinkedIn pros build a strong personal brand that attracts followers, clients, & sales.

What you get with Taplio:

  • High-performing content: leverage AI to create top posts & carousels in seconds

  • Advanced scheduling: one-click scheduling & automations to boost performance

  • In-depth analysis: understand what’s working & what can be improved

  • Find leads & expand your network: access millions of leads with relevant filters

The best part? You get a free trial & a 30-day money-back guarantee.

🔥 Hot Tools

10 New & Trending AI Tools

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Spoke (freemium): Protect your focus time with scheduled Slack summaries & action items**

CronBot (freemium): Engage customers & generate leads with a CRM customized to your brand

Lodown (freemium): Organize your notes for easier, more effective learning

Socra (freemium): Crush your goals with AI coaching

LALAL.AI (freemium): Extract vocals & instruments from any audio or video

Momen (paid): Build smart, custom apps effortlessly — no coding required

Fliki (freemium): Create videos from blog posts in 2 min

Powerly AI (freemium): Create custom chatbots, catchy press releases, & interactive video guides

MindOS (free): Get guidance on various topics — from travel to stock analysis

Axxon (freemium): Create personalized, high-performing content in minutes


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💡Easy Guide

Get The Output You Want — On The First Try

Prompt frameworks are structured guidelines for supplying all of the information the AI needs to generate accurate outputs — on the first try. Below we’ve listed some popular frameworks + examples.

NOTE: When using these frameworks, be sure to add as much detail as possible to truly get the best output.

RTF: Role. Task. Format.

Use cases: Explanations, emails, creative writing, & design tasks

Example: Act like a designer. Create a logo for a smoothie company in vector format.

CFT: Context. Task. Format.

Use cases: Presentations, market research, & travel itineraries

Example: I’m planning a week-long trip to Tokyo, Japan. Please create a detailed itinerary for my trip in the format 1. activities for each day, 2. accommodations, 3. dining recommendations, 4. transportation logistics, including flights, train schedules, and local transportation options.

TREF: Task. Requirement. Expectation. Format.

Use cases: Coding, reports, & data analysis

Example: Write a sales report for our department using [your data] that compares the current month’s data to the previous month and the same month last year. Highlight key performance metrics such as total sales revenue and top-selling products. The report should provide a clear overview of our sales performance, highlighting significant changes or trends. Please generate the report as a PDF. Organize the report into sections for each metric, including appropriate headings and, where applicable, charts and graphs.

GRADE: Goal. Request. Action. Details. Examples.

Use cases: Blogs & essays, social media content, design tasks, emails, presentations, data analysis, & book and movie recommendations

Example: Can you create a well-structured, informative blog post on sustainable business practices? Please provide a rough draft with key points and introductory content. Here is some background information that should be included: [background information]. The post should be 800-1000 words, and the target audience is primarily [audience]. Include relevant statistics that support the content. Some examples of topics that should be covered in the blog post include: [topic 1, topic 2].

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