10 🔥 AI Tools This Week

+ OpenAI & Google BOTH dropped new models 🤯

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GPT-4o has entered the chat… and Google has undoubtedly entered its ‘AI era.’

During Tuesday’s 110-minute Google I/O 2024 conference, the term “AI” was mentioned a staggering 121 times. See what all they have in store here.

In This Issue:
  • 💥 Big News: OpenAI’s GPT-4o & 2 new Google models have arrived, Claude finally reaches Europe, Salesforce & IBM add AI capabilities for businesses, & 2 more

  •  Weekly Spotlight: Hire a world-class AI team

  • 🔥 Hot Tools: Organize everything in one secure place, protect your brand’s reputation, get better business consulting + bookkeeping, & 6 more

  • 🌟 GPT of the Week: Create professional-quality videos with ease

  • 💡 Quick Guide: Get high-quality prompts written for you

  • 😂 AI Fun: Don’t fall in love with this voice assistant…

💥 Big News

AI Releases From Big Tech

OpenAI released the free GPT-4o, which is faster, understands images better, & speaks more languages than GPT-4 (+ outperforms Gemini 1.5 Pro in many tasks). Plus, the ChatGPT macOS desktop app starts rolling out this week.

Google launched Gemini 1.5 Flash (its fastest model) + LearnLM for students.

Anthropic made Claude available in Europe & launched a prompt engineering tool (see a tutorial below!).

IBM open-sourced its powerful Granite code foundation models & introduced IBM Copilot Runway, enabling enterprises to integrate AI into their organizations easily.

Salesforce introduced AI solutions for streamlining order lifecycle management & extended AI capabilities for its Partner Relationship Management solution.

The UAE-based Technology Innovation Institute unveiled its Falcon 2 LLM, which outperforms Meta’s Llama 3 8B model.

TikTok is testing AI-powered search features & tagging AI-generated content made on other platforms.

Big tech launched 182 products & features in the last week. See summaries here.

 Weekly Spotlight

Hire a world class AI team

Engineers who understand AI are expensive and difficult to find, and it can be hard to figure out who to trust. On top of that, 85% of all AI projects fail.

But AE Studio succeeds.

We listen to your business challenge and help you craft and implement the optimal AI solution with our team of world class AI experts from Harvard, Stanford and Princeton.

Our development, design, and data science teams work closely with founders and executives to create custom software and AI solutions that get the job done. The secret to our success is treating your project as if it were our own startup.

🔥 Hot Tools 

10 Trending & Featured AI Tools

mymind: Beautifully organize your notes, bookmarks, articles, images, & more in one private place**

Macky.ai (freemium): Receive on-demand business consulting**

LedgerIQ: Revolutionize your small business or self-employed bookkeeping**

Brand24: Protect your brand’s reputation, discover customer insights, & more via social listening**

Adorno (freemium): Elevate your videos with captivating, tailored audio

ZeroTrusted.ai: Use LLMs without fear of your data being tracked or harvested to train AI

DataLab (freemium): Easily explore & analyze data from various sources

iListen: Turn articles & webpages into easy-to-digest podcasts

QueryPal (freemium): Answer employees’ questions instantly

Eraser (freemium): Streamline development with seamless integration of markdown notes, GitHub support, & more


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🌟 GPT of The Week

Create Professional-Quality Videos With Ease

Video GPT by VEED

Turn your ideas into polished videos in minutes with Video GPT by VEED. This GPT also helps you write a script by guiding through the goal, target audience, and desired tone of your video. Plus, you can determine the length, voiceover, and video quality for download.

Once generated, add finishing touches in the VEED editor — where you can:

  • Resize your video — with suggestions tailored to specific platforms

  • Change the (copyright-free) background music & add sound effects

  • Edit & style subtitles

  • Translate your video into 120+ languages

  • Add filters and/or elements like shapes, emojis, GIFs, & more

  • Clone your voice for a personalized voiceover

  • Add your own video or use an AI avatar

  • Add your own branding

NOTE: You’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan to remove the VEED watermark & utilize certain features.

💡 Quick Tutorial

Get High-Quality Prompts Written For You

Struggling to craft effective prompts that produce the results you want? Then let Anthropic’s new prompt engineering tool write your prompts for you!

NOTE: You’ll need to claim 5 free credits and/or purchase credits or a plan in order to use the feature.

How To Use It

Step 1: Login to the dashboard, and select ‘Generate a prompt’.

Step 2: Either:

  • Select one of its suggestions

  • Describe what you want your prompt to be about. It can be as simple as one short sentence (e.g., Generate an outline for an article about coding AI tools).

Step 3: Hit ‘Generate Prompt’. Then select ‘Start Editing’ to use the prompt.

Step 4: In ‘Model Settings’ on the left-hand side of the screen, determine:

  • The model you’d like to use

  • The temperature (i.e., how creativite you want its outputs to be)

  • How many tokens you’d like to use (i.e., the length of its outputs)

Step 5: If desired, set up prompt parameters in the ‘System prompt’ box (NOTE: This is not necessary).

Step 6: In the ‘User’ box, make any necessary edits to the prompt (NOTE: Don’t change anything in brackets... that happens in the next step).

Step 7: Hit the ‘Run‘ button at the top right-hand side of the screen, and fill in any variables (which edits the brackets).

Step 8: Select the ‘Run’ button on the bottom right of the screen.

Voila! You not only got an exceptional prompt but (hopefully!) the output you were looking for.

😂 AI Fun

Don’t Fall in Love With This Voice Assistant…

Do you remember the 2013 science fiction romantic drama movie ‘Her’, where a lonely writer develops a relationship with an operating system?

Well, it’s closer to reality than we all might have thought! OpenAI will soon release a voice assistant inspired by the movie (which is, unsurprisingly, OpenAI co-founder, Sam Altman’s, favorite film).

The assistant — who sounds eerily like Scarlett Johansson, the voice of the operating system in the movie — will be able to translate spoken language in real time, read facial expressions, and more.

In a demonstration, OpenAI engineers and CTO Mira Murati asked the assistant to read a bedtime story in various voices… leaving us truly stunned. See for yourself.

Her-inspired Voice Assistant