10 🍭 AI Tools This Week

PLUS: 6 chatbot upgrades 😱 & how to use ChatGPT memory

It’s a HUGE week for chatbots… and mysteries?

Did you see the GPT2-chatbot release (and disappearance)? What was that about?

In This Issue:
  • 💥 Big News: 6 chatbot upgrades 😱, an AI master’s program, & an invitation to enhance AI detection

  •  Weekly Spotlight: Revolutionize 3D creation

  • 🔥 Trending Tools: Build a brilliant marketing strategy, elevate your customer experience, & 8 more

  • 🌟 GPT of the Week: Instantly transform videos & blogs into social media threads

  • 💡 Quick Tutorial: Use (or opt out of) ChatGPT’s memory feature

💥 Big News

New AI Features & Opportunities

OpenAI added privacy controls to ChatGPT & made it’s memory feature more widely available (learn how to use it below👇).

Google released 3 new Gemini upgrades + revealed (but hasn’t made public) Med-Gemini, a suite of healthcare-specific AI models.

Anthropic unveiled a business-focused chatbot.

NVIDIA majorly enhanced its ChatRTX chatbot.

Amazon rebranded CodeWhisperer to Q Developer + expanded its capabilities.

Yelp’s new chatbot helps you find local service professionals faster.

Sam’s Club’s AI-powered tech gets you out of the store faster.

The University of Pennsylvania announced the first ivy league AI Master’s degree, with courses starting in Spring 2025.

The U.S.’s National Institute of Standard and Technology’s is inviting academic, industry, & research teams to partake in developing content authenticity detection systems.

 Weekly Spotlight

Revolutionize 3D Creation with AI

Whether you’re crafting game assets, product designs, architectural visualizations, or digital art, Meshy-3 empowers you to bring your wildest visions to life with unprecedented speed and precision.


Meshy-3’s seamless workflow and intuitive, groundbreaking image-to-3D and text-to-3D features enable you to generate high-quality 3D models in minutes — so you can focus on design and creativity.

Ready to supercharge your creative process?

🔥 Trending Tools 

10 Trending & Featured AI Tools

FounderPal: Build a brilliant marketing strategy in 5 minutes**

Syncly: Elevate your customer experience**

Wondercraft (freemium): Script, voice, & produce studio-quality audio

Lummi (free): Explore 13k+ AI-crafted, royalty-free images that are anything but boring

Creatie (free): Collaboratively ideate & prototype product designs

My-Legacy.ai: Navigate estate planning with personalized guidance

Outerbase (freemium): Query, edit, & visualize all of your databases in one powerful tool

LangWatch (freemium): Build AI solutions with quality & safety

MidReal: Craft interactive, illustrated stories

Alice: Integrate advanced LLMs directly into your workflows (with customization & privacy)


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🌟 GPT of The Week

Instantly Transform Videos & Blogs Into Social Media Threads

Thread Weaver GPT

Distilling complex or lengthy information into concise, engaging social media posts is tough! Enter the Thread Weaver GPT, which instantly breaks down a Youtube video or online article into a compelling thread AND creates a thumbnail image for it.

This GPT is a game-changer for content creators, marketers, educators, or anyone wanting to share valuable information with their networks.

How To Use It

All you really need to do is provide the link, but you could also ask it to:

  • Write in a certain tone or format in a certain structure

  • Include elements like emojis, hashtags, & interactive polls

  • Reorder sections or edit sections to include specific information

  • Create an infographic on the information

  • Compile the thread into a single, long-form post

💡 Quick Tutorial

Use (or Don’t) ChatGPT’s Memory Feature

In Reece Rogers’ tutorial about ChatGPT’s new memory feature, he said, “Having to remind ChatGPT about crucial details over and over is a frustrating time suck.” We couldn’t agree more… and, thankfully, now we don’t have to. Here’s how.

Adding Memory Information

Now, as you use ChatGPT, it will automatically collect insights from your conversations, such as your preferences, interests, or project details. FYI Certain topics (e.g., your social security number and passwords) are off limits.

You can also add information directly. While in a chat, simply type “Please remember that.”

View Memory Information

When information gets stored, you’ll likely see a ‘Memory updated’ notification. Click on it to see what was included, or view the information at any time by clicking on your username (bottom left) > Settings > Personalization > The ‘Manage’ button.

Selectively Use the Memory Feature

Want to avoid the feature sometimes but not turn it off altogether? If it’s available in your account, click on the AI model at the top of the chat (e.g. ChatGPT 3.5 or ChatGPT 4) then toggle on the ‘Temporary chat’ option.

FYI These conversations will still be stored for up to a month but won’t be included in Memory, model training, or your chat history.

Remove the Memory Feature

Want to completely or selectively delete what’s been saved? Simply click on your username > Settings > Personalization > the ‘Manage’ button. To remove certain parts, hit the trash can icon next to the memory you’d like deleted, or to delete everything, select ‘Clear ChatGPT’s memory’.

While in a chat, you can also ask ChatGPT to delete or adjust your memory information by saying something like “Forget everything you remember from this chat” or “Adjust my current city from San Francisco to Sacramento.”

FYI Deleting a chat doesn’t destroy the memories associated with it, so you’ll need to ask ChatGPT to delete it or manually do it yourself.

Opt Out of the Memory Feature

To not have any information stored, click on your username > Settings > Personalization > toggle the ‘Memory’ option off.

FYI: If you share a paid account, you may want to turn the memory feature off so that it doesn’t blend multiple users’ information together.

Opt Out of Training ChatGPT

Depending on your plan and preferences, your memory information may be used to train ChatGPT. BUT… you can opt out of training while still having the memory feature enabled.

To do so, click on your username > Settings > Data controls. Then select ‘Improve the model for everyone’ and toggle it off.

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