10 ⚡️ AI Tools This Week

PLUS: New AI from Google, Slack, Salesforce, & 5 more + Microsoft's upcoming shutdown...

Apple blasted everyone with an endless stream of AI announcements. Harvard & Google made an AI-powered rat. Hugging Face debuted an autonomous, chore-doing robot. A Bitwise analyst said AI could help add $20 TRILLION to the global GDP by 2030. AND The CEO of Zoom revealed an in-progress project that will enable you to send a deepfake version of yourself to meetings…

… what a week! 😵‍💫

In This Issue:
  • 💥 Big News: Microsoft’s upcoming shutdown, Google’s multiple expansions, & new features from Salesforce, Adobe, TikTok, Yahoo, & more

  •  Weekly Spotlight: Focus your customer service where it matters most

  • 🔥 Hot Tools: Streamline sales, boost business productivity, create stunning visuals, unlock your leadership skills, & 6 more

  • 🌟 GPT of the Week: Live a more joyful, meaningful life

  • 💡 Quick Tutorial: Create presentations in mere minutes

💥 Big News

AI Releases From Big Tech

Google rolled out NotebookLM across 200 countries, made Gemini Nano available on older Pixel phones, & launched a hub of free resources for educators & administrators.

Microsoft will shut down GPT Builder in July — deleting all custom chatbots.

Slack’s new feature helps you manage projects right within the Slack platform.

Salesforce enhanced its Consumer Goods Cloud — boosting retailers’ & suppliers’ route-to-market productivity.

Adobe enhanced Adobe Express with AI-powered bulk content creation, the ability to make precise edits based on reference images, & more.

Yahoo added AI capabilities to Yahoo Mail, including email summaries that highlight proposed tasks.

Shopify merchants gained a new way to boost customer satisfaction.

TikTok rolled out image search capabilities.

Michael Kors’ AI shopping assistant helps you find the perfect outfit.

💫 Big Tech launched 69 products & features in the last week. See summaries here.

 Weekly Spotlight

Focus Your Customer Service Where It Matters Most


Syncly captures, categorizes, and analyzes customer feedback from multiple channels in real time — so you can proactively address and resolve your customers' most critical concerns.

  • Discover top revenue-influencing issues

  • Instantly identify sudden peaks or drops

  • Detect anomalies by visualizing customer trends

  • And so much more…

🔥 Hot Tools 

10 Trending & Featured AI Tools

Worgit.ai (freemium): Skyrocket productivity with 150+ AI business tools**

Jazon (freemium): Automate sales research & outreach**

CGDream (freemium): Create stunning visuals**

Ren (freemium): Unlock your (or your entire team’s) leadership potential**

Podify: Grow your LinkedIn network organically

Rankify: Simplify keyword research + blog topic & FAQs generation

Wizardshot (free): Create step-by-step tutorials in seconds

Prem: Customize LLMs to meet your unique business needs

Lawformer (freemium): Easily draft & manage complex legal documents

TubeBuddy: Grow your YouTube channel


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🌟 GPT of The Week

Live A More Joyful, Meaningful Life

Ikigai GPT

Ikigai (生き甲斐) is a Japanese approach to life that translates to “reason for being”.

By exploring four key elements — your passions, your skills, what you can be paid for, and what the world needs — the Ikigai GPT guides you towards goals that will bring both joy and a deep sense of purpose to your life.

How This GPT Works

Select ‘Help me find my passion’ or ‘Start my Ikigai journey’, and the GPT:

  1. Helps you determine your passion/s

  2. Asks what skills you have related to your passion/s

  3. Offers potential career paths & opportunities based on your passions & skills

  4. Asks what global issues you’re passionate about

  5. Suggests ideas for integrating the 4 aspects into one well-defined goal

  6. Provides you with next steps to reach that goal

It can also:

  • Provide career choice, job search, & professional development advice

  • Share resources related to your interests & needs

  • Offer tips & guidance on goal setting & achieving a balanced life

  • Recommend strategies for learning or improving skills

  • Create images to help you visualize your goal/s

💡 Quick Tutorial

Create Presentations in Mere Minutes

Making a presentation doesn’t have to be a slog.

Have ChatGPT whip up a stellar outline and write either the VBA code for PowerPoint or Google Apps Script for Google Slides. Then all you have to do is pop the code into your preferred platform and finesse the design.

You’ll be ready to impress within minutes.

Step 1: Outline Your Presentation

You have a few options for creating your presentation outline, including:

1. Assemble the outline yourself, in which case, move to Step 2.

2. Upload a PDF and ask ChatGPT to create an outline from it. Use the prompt: “You are an expert in creating presentations. Based on the content of the PDF I’ve uploaded, create an outline for a presentation. Ensure each slide summarizes key points from the PDF efficiently. Use a maximum of [desired amount] of slides.”

3. Ask ChatGPT to research a topic and create an outline. Use the prompt: “You are an expert in creating presentations. Research the topic: [topic], and create a presentation outline covering key points about [topic]. Use a maximum of [desired amount] of slides.”

TIP: If you know how you want the slides to be organized, add this to your prompt: “Structure the presentation into the following sections: [section, section, etc.]”

Steps 2-4 for PowerPoint Presentations

Step 2: Ask ChatGPT to generate the VBA code using the prompt: “Please write me VBA code to create a PowerPoint presentation using the following outline: [paste your outline].”

Step 3: Add the VBA code to PowerPoint

  1. Once ChatGPT generates the VBA code, select ‘Copy code’ (top right corner of the code block).

  2. Open PowerPoint. Select ‘File’ > ‘Options’ > ‘Customize Ribbon’ (on the left side-bar).

  3. Under ‘Main Tabs’, check the ‘Developer’ option. Click ‘OK’.

  4. Click on the ‘Developer’ tab (in the bar along the top of the screen), and select ‘Visual Basic’.

  5. Within the ‘Insert UserForm’ dropdown, click ‘Module’.

  6. Paste ChatGPT’s VBA code into the module window, and hit the ‘Run’ button to generate a basic presentation.

Step 4: Design your presentation

  1. Select the first slide. Click ‘Designer’ (in top right of menu bar).

  2. In ‘Themes’, click on ‘Design Ideas’ to preview design options. Select which design you like.

  3. Repeat the first two steps for each slide.

  4. If desired, add additional content, images, or multimedia

Steps 2-5 for Google Slides

Step 2: Ask ChatGPT to generate Google Apps Script using the prompt: “Please write me Google Apps Script to create a Google Slides presentation using the following outline: [paste your outline].”

Step 3: Open Google Slides, and create a new blank presentation

Step 4: Run the code in script editor

  1. Click ‘Tools’ > ‘Script Editor.

  2. Create a new project by clicking ‘File’ > ‘New’ > ‘Project'. Name your project, and click ‘Create’.

  3. Delete the default code in the script editor. Then paste the code from ChatGPT.

  4. Click ‘Run’ to generate a basic presentation.

Step 5: Customize and enhance your presentation

  1. Open the newly created presentation in Google Slides.

  2. Customize the design, formatting, and layout of slides as needed.

  3. If desired, add additional content, images, or multimedia

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