10 🤩 AI Tools This Week

PLUS: 📸 Generate better AI images with this quick tip

Can you believe it? Otter’s CEO thinks that by the end of this year, AI will be able to attend meetings for you

But until that dreamy day comes, here’s a bunch of epic AI stuff happening right now!

In This Issue:
  • 💥 Big News: Google upps AI for Androids, Microsoft boosts image editing, Github, Mistral, & Salesforce’s new tools, & 2 more

  • 🔥 Hot Tools: Fast-track market research, simplify customer support, improve curriculums, & 7 more

  • 🌟 GPT of the Week: Efficiently extract information from PDFs

  • 💡 Quick Tutorial: Get ChatGPT to create more accurate images

💥 Big News

AI Happenings You Don’t Want To Miss

Google upped AI features for Androids — allowing you to use Gemini in the messages app & turn photos into custom emojis.

Microsoft’s new AI photo editing tools let desktop Windows users erase, blur, & replace objects & backgrounds.

GitHub launched Copilot Enterprise, an AI coding assistant for businesses.

Mistral launched Mistral Large, an LLM designed to rival GPT-4 & Claude 2 + introduced the Le Chat chatbot.

Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot enables you to interact with your data & workflows.

Microsoft is also stopping scams in their tracks by alerting you in real-time if you answer a spam call.

Perplexity & Eleven Labs launched Discover Daily, an AI news podcast.

 Weekly Spotlight

Live Phone Transcription & More!

AI Phone highlights and summarizes your calls to ensure you’ll never miss a crucial detail again.

What you get with AI Phone

  • 🔊 Live phone call transcription and AI summary provided

  • 📝 Real-time, automated call notes generated

  • 📞 AI-powered phone number service available

  • 📱 AI auto-reply for messages with suggested responses

🔥 Hot Tools

10 New & Trending AI Tools

Keep track of your stack by saving them to ‘Favorites’ in your Futurepedia.io profile.

Osum: Perform deep market research in seconds** (Try free + use checkout code FUTUREPEDIA for lifetime 25% off)

Supermoon (freemium): Simplify team communication & customer support

mapEDU: Revolutionize curriculum mapping & assessment processes

DaLMatian: Answer data questions instantly

Gigalogy Personalizer: Boost e-commerce sales with omni-channel personalization

Swizzle: Build apps in your browser using natural language

Pilot Quality Check: Analyze your bookkeeping for mistakes & areas for improvement

Adsby: Elevate your search ads to the next level

15-minute Business Plans: Fast-track your business idea, competitive analysis, marketing strategy, & more

Lyrical Labs: Craft melodies & lyrics faster with the ‘DALL-E for music’


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🌟 GPT of the Week

Efficiently Extract Information From PDFs

With the AI PDF GPT, you can quickly extract valuable insights and make informed decisions based on the content of your PDFs — without manually searching entire documents.

  • Automatically find specific details (with page references for easy fact-checking)

  • Get summaries of lengthy PDFs

  • Search multiple files at once

  • Manage more & larger files (up to 2GB) than directly uploading to ChatGPT — and never have to reupload

  • Keep your documents private & encrypted

  • Convert PDFs into editable & searchable text (with AI Drive Pro)

Example Prompts

  • What are the key findings & data trends presented in this report?

  • Are there any correlations between [X] & [Y] mentioned in this document?

  • What does this document say about [topic]?

  • Can you find the customer satisfaction metrics in this report?

  • Can you translate the key points of [section of PDF] into Spanish?

How To Use

  1. Create a My AI Drive account

  2. Upload your PDFs

  3. Find the PDF you want to ask a question about & click ‘Copy to GPT’ (for multiple files, check the box on the left of each PDF then the ‘Copy files to ChatGPT’ icon in the blue box on the top right of page)

  4. Type in your prompt & save to automatically copy it

  5. Paste the saved content into the AI PDF GPT

💡 Quick Tutorial

Generate More Accurate AI Images

When prompting ChatGPT to create images, it often doesn’t produce quiiitttee what you’re looking for.

How can you get around that?

A clever Reddit user suggests describing to ChatGPT what you want without saying the word of the object. For example:

Instead of saying: “Generate an image of a fork with three points.”

Say this instead: “Describe a fork with three points without using the word ‘fork’. Do it in prompt form.”

Once it generates the description, say: “Now use that exact prompt to generate an image.”

The Outcome

Image generation tools still aren’t perfect, so not every result was accurate. To get our desired output, we played around with:

  • refining the description before asking it to generate the image

  • asking it to ‘regenerate the image almost exactly the same but with one less point’

So you may need to try it a few times, BUT… this method should still help produce results closer to your desired output — and help you formulate stronger prompts.

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