10 🔥 AI Tools

Plus: another AI tool from Apple + how we trained our chatbot on 1000s of AI tools

💥 Big News

AI Happenings You Don’t Want To Miss

Google rebranded Bard to Gemini, released Gemini Advanced — its most capable model, & expanded advertising capabilities with its ACA feature, which generates headlines & descriptions based on your ads.

NVIDIA is demoing Chat with RTX, a free, personalized chatbot that runs locally on your computer without internet — ensuring data privacy.

OpenAI is testing a new ChatGPT feature that enhances personalization by remembering the past conversations you allow it to recall.

Apple unveiled Keyframer, a new tool for animating still images using text descriptions — making animation easier & more accessible.

Cohere released Aya, a state-of-the-art LLM that’s expanding accessibility for underrepresented communities by handling 100+ languages (2x+ more than other LLMs).

ElevenLabs expanded its Speech to Speech function to 29 languages, allowing for multilingual custom voices + you can now earn money by sharing your voice.

Nokia introduced an AI assistant that monitors factory equipment to increase worker comprehension, productivity, & safety.

University of Pennsylvania became the first Ivy League to offer an undergraduate degree in artificial intelligence.

🌟 Weekly Spotlight

Leverage AI to Grow on LinkedIn

Taplio helps 6,200+ LinkedIn pros build a strong personal brand that attracts followers, clients, & sales.

What you get with Taplio

  • High-performing content: leverage AI to create top posts & carousels in seconds

  • Advanced scheduling: one-click scheduling & automations to boost performance

  • In-depth analysis: understand what’s working & what can be improved

  • Find leads & expand your network: access millions of leads with relevant filters

The best part? You get a free trial & a 30-day money-back guarantee.

🔥 Hot Tools

10 New & Trending AI Tools

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Immersive Translate (freemium): Translate web pages, PDFs, e-books, & subtitles — anytime, anywhere**

aiApply (freemium): Elevate your job search with a robust job application kit**

Clearword (freemium): Get meeting notes, action items, follow-up emails, & CRM entries done for you — automatically**

Varilio (paid): Close deals faster with unified sales tools & personalized analytics**

Capitol AI (free): Craft slideshows, articles, lessons, & more — with storytelling, design, & research all in one place

Synthical (free): Accelerate research with access to leading scientists’ newest papers

Narrativ (paid): Elevate your ads with AI-generated & real voices

3DAiLY (freemium): Create production-ready 3D game characters

Yuna (paid): Overcome mental health hurdles — affordably

HeyDay (paid): Turn your conversations & documents into quotes, shareable content, & queryable data


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🤝 Want more customers for your AI tool, agency, course or consultancy?

🌟 GPT of the Week

Crush Tasks, Maximize Resources, & Mitigate Risks

Staying on task and on budget is crucial to business success.

Even if you’re not a full-time project manager or jack-of-all-trades entrepreneur, Project Management GPT can help anyone in practically any field stay on track, mitigate risk, boost team communication, and ensure resources are spent wisely.

How to Use Project Management GPT

Ask your own question or use one of the suggestions, which include:

  • How do I manage project risks?

  • Best practices for team communication?

  • Can you suggest a project timeline template?

  • How to allocate resources efficiently?

Beyond answering your initial question, the GPT takes it one step further to ensure you’re getting exactly the information you need.

When we clicked on “How to allocate resources efficiently”, not only did it provide a ton of insightful information, it also offered incredibly in-depth follow-up questions — and even a tip.

💡 Quick Guide

Introducing our AI Tools Expert, FutureBot

To offer a more personalized option for discovering the best AI tools for your work, we just deployed an AI chatbot (try it out on our homepage!)

In the process, we evaluated a bunch of no-code chatbots — and since we realized that many people value a personalized opinion, we thought we’d share why we decided on Webbotify.

The top 5 features we’re using:

  • Automatic training: It trained on our page content in less than 2 minutes — and it retrains on content regularly (which is helpful as we will update our pages with more content over time!)

  • Easy custom instructions: Just like a GPT, we added custom instructions for our chatbot to understand what makes for a valuable conversation with AI tool seekers.

  • Good UX/UI: Clean, fast and intuitive UI for creating your chatbot without code.

  • Native language translation: It supports 95 languages and will automatically detect and respond in the user’s language. We have a global audience so this aspect was crucial for us.

  • Chat history: We can see the queries and feedback on chats, which helps us understand what we can do to improve both the chat experience and our website.

Some features we’re still exploring:

  • Hands off to a human if desired: The ability to take over a conversation and speak with our staff.

  • Zapier: It connects to popular platforms just by copy and pasting a single line of code.

PS. You don’t have to be an AI tools website to reap the benefits of Webbotify. Explore their other use cases, features and capabilities.

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